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Hornets take on Spring Break

Whether you have plans for something as big as Coachella or a simple stay-cation, it’s safe to say everyone is ready for spring break. Halfway through the semester, it’s time for some rest, relaxation and fun.

Living in Southern California we have experiences at our fingertips. An hour or two away from Los Angeles, San Diego and even closer to the beach there are many options for exciting day trips. Trendy dessert places, hiking trails, concerts; the options are endless.

somi somi.jpg
Trendy ice cream served at Somi Somi located at the Irvine Spectrum photo credit: Google Images

Locally, on Thursdays night in Downtown Fullerton, there is the Fullerton Market. According to the City of Fullerton, admission is free and the Market features food vendors, a Kids’ Korner with crafts and activities and an outdoor Beer and Wine Garden.

Specifically on Thursday April 18, a rock and roll band, The Belairs, will be performing from 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

For some hiking in the Fullerton area there are trails such as the Panorama Trail, Hiltscher Park Trail and many more that can be found on the Fullerton Parks and Recreation website. The website features a list of all the trails, a map of where they’re located, their length and what type of trail they are.

Down the freeway in Buena Park, there is the Boysenberry Food Festival being held at Knott’s Berry Farm showcasing food, entertainment and even wine tasting. According to the official website, tickets to the event are being sold for as low as $49.

knotts boysenvberry.jpg
Knott's Boysenberry Festival Tasting CardPhoto credit: Simple Sojourns

For a cheaper alternative, at your local movie theater there are plenty of new movies out in theaters in all types of genres. Those looking for a thrill can go enjoy Jordan Peele’s new movie, Us, or even the adapted version of Stephen King’s book, Pet Sematary.

DC’s new movie Shazam! is about a 14-year old boy who gains superpowers which is sure to excite the child in all of us along with the new live-action Dumbo movie.

shazam kid.jpg
Movie scene from Marvel's new film "Shazam!" photo credit:Forbes

Beyond the typical spring break activities, FC psychology major Jennifer De Castro will be spending the break celebrating her birthday. De Castro also hopes to find time to hang out with her best friends throughout the week.

FC communications major Kenny Nelson is planning on spending time with his family out in the desert.

Even if you’re stuck with responsibilities over the break, try to make time for a little fun. Emily Tearjen, a psychology major, will be making the most of her break.

“Im working and doing adventurous things while balancing homework,” stated Tearjen.

With finals around the corner, Hornets deserve some rest before the stress that comes with the end of the semester.