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Film Review: Avengers: Endgame is a roller coaster ride of emotions

This is it, the moment has finally arrived for many of Disney’s Marvel cinematic universe fans. Theaters are open, this is the Endgame.

On Friday, April 26, 2019 after 12 movies, and 10 years worth of anticipation, Disney Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” finally hit theaters.

“Endgame” picked up right where the previous movie, “Infinity War”, left off. It addressed the whereabouts of some of the missing characters from the first film. These characters would be vital to the plot of the movie.

There have been numerous speculations about how the team will battle the main villain, Thanos. Without giving any spoilers away, the audience will be surprised as to the details of how the team plans to save everyone who was lost when Thanos snapped his fingers.

Thanos menacing stare Photo credit: CBS

The audience can expect to see many characters in a new light, not yet explored in any of the other films. Most changes are minor to their persona, but others are drastic.

The film did a great job of continuing to include the humor that has been prevalent in most of the past Marvel movies, and “Endgame” is no exception. Viewers will also be treated to comedic relief throughout the film.

One surprise audience may notice was the language in the movie. Fans will be interested to see how the film smoothly incorporated some darker tones in the script.

The darker tone seems to set up this movie, however the audience is constantly riding a wave of emotions as the power struggle in the movie constantly shifts.

Tony Stark recording an intimate video for Ms. Potts Photo credit: Marvel Studios

The CGI effects in the film once again surpassed exceptions. CGI took this movie to a greater height, that adds to the story and makes the audience feel almost involved in the story.

Although movie is three hours long, it could have been condensed because much of the films story could have been told in a smaller time frame.

The post credit scene usually gives a glimpse into the next film or a hint towards what’s next. The audience may skip this one out because for this film, there is no post credit scene. It really helps solidify for audiences that this is the last film.

The “Avengers” series seems to have finally come to an end. Now Disney will have to decide which direction to take the series after “Endgame”, a film that caused major changes to the Marvel universe.

For now, the universe is safe in the Marvel universe which served as a great way to end this series. The movie is sure to satisfy majority of their longtime fans, who have grown attached to the series.