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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Review: Sushi Momo is a Fullerton Classic

Located at the heart of Harbor Blvd. is Sushi Momo, the closest the area has to a classic American-style sushi restaurant. Offering a range of Japanese dishes, Sushi Momo delivers flavor and a friendly ambiance in a casual setting.

Part of Downtown Fullerton’s old guard, Sushi Momo has been serving patrons before the area’s bar scene exploded in popularity. This is reflected in the level of service provided by the restaurant.

Sushi chef Richard Suzuki and his staff are well versed in the art of hospitality. Suzuki, a self-noted gourmand, is particularly amiable and is even on a first name basis with many of the customers that come in. It is advised to grab a seat at the bar, to not miss out on Suzuki’s never-ending list of recommended local restaurants.

Sushi Chef Richard Suzuki prepares food for customers at Sushi Momo in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Nathan Kiesselbach

The menu is varied, but the emphasis is logically on rolls and plated sashimi. The lunch menu features daily specials including a sushi lunch with five pieces of hand cut fish paired with a California roll.

The fish itself tasted fresh and clean, and was plated well. The accompanying California roll wasn’t anything special, but had familiar and comfortable flavors.

sushi momo.JPG
Sushi Momo offers daily lunch specials in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Nathan Kiesselbach

The drink menu is compromised of the standard Sapporo/Asahi/Kirin offerings, but also includes the not-so-standard in the form of Shochu. A traditional Japanese spirit, Shochu is more akin to vodka than sake with an attention to smoothness.

The dining room is spacious, with room for large parties and a sushi bar for a more intimate sushi experience. The walls are adorned with colorful sculptures of different species of fish.

The large size of the dining room and the tall ceilings give it a welcome airiness. Natural light from large windows on the south side of the restaurant fills the room at lunch time.

For a casual lunch or dinner, Sushi Momo hits the mark in terms of price and menu offerings.

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    Michael HargisOct 3, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    This restaurant has been closed since just before summer. Any idea if they are reopening?