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Wednesday Health: What vaccinations are and why measles outbreaks are happening

Vaccinations have been proven to eradicate and eliminate diseases, to treat and create immunity without actually having to get the disease first.

“A vaccine is made from small amounts of weak or dead germs that can cause diseases — for example, viruses, bacteria, or toxins. It prepares your body to fight the disease faster and more effectively so you won’t get sick,” according to

Fullerton College sent an email to faculty and students regarding the current measles outbreaks. The email informed everyone to be cautious and how to prevent a breakout happening on and around campus.

Signs in the student health center at Fullerton College warn to be on the lookout for symptoms of the measles. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

In fact, the AMC movie theater in Fullerton had potential exposure on April 25 which even spread out to the St. Jude Emergency Department as possible exposure sites.

As of recent measles exposures have also occurred in businesses around Downtown Fullerton. These businesses include; The pickled Monk, Brick Basement Antiques, Buffalo Exchange and 8Eightyeight Cigar. If you visited any of these establishments on May 3rd, be on the lookout for symptoms if you have not been vaccinated.

The world health organization says that vaccinations not only help individual’s health, but worldwide health reduce diseases and death around the world. Creating benefits such as eradication, elimination, mitigation of disease severity, prevention of infections and much more.

Vaccinations are given by health professionals and have greatly reduced diseases in all parts of the world. Photo credit: Google Images

As it stands, there have been six conformed cases of measles in the Los Angeles County. Cal State Los Angeles, UCLA, University of California, and most recent UC Irvine. According to the New York Times, about 370 people have remained in quarantine at Cal State LA.

“Measles spreads through coughing and sneezing, and up to 95 percent of those not vaccinated who are then exposed to measles will develop the illness,”said Dr. Vikram Anand, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

There is always a lot of attention on vaccinating your kids and focusing on elementary schools but now universities are getting outbreak warnings. As young adults college student have the ability to choose whether or not the get vaccinated and unlike children who have their parents decide for them. It’s important to always go off of reliable sources for information especially when it is concerned with your own health.

Fullerton College Health Center where students can go to get vaccinated and get information regarding the measles outbreaks. Photo credit: Bovie Lavong

“I was vaccinated when I was a kid before I went to elementary school and I am glad because all these outbreaks happening, I think it is a good time for students to check if they haven’t done so already,” said FC student Daisy Castillo.

Vaccinations at the Fullerton College Health Center were offered. You can get vaccinated and with the student health fee given when you register for classes helps cover the fees you’d have to pay else where.

For information regarding vaccinations and measles, please visit the FC Student Health Center at for hours and information.