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Avengers: Endgame continues to break box office records

No more waiting or avoiding the internet, the long wait is over and the numbers are in. Disney’s Avengers: Endgame had one of the strongest opening weekends in box office history. With estimated sales hitting 350 million dollars domestically and 1.2 billion dollars globally.

Endgame was expected to collect somewhere between 260 to 300 million dollars in the U.S. however, the film overtook this estimate and dominated the previous record of 257.7 million dollars set by Avengers: Infinity War released in 2018.


Endgame just passed James Cameron’s Titanic for the second spot on the highest grossing movie worldwide list coming in at 2.19 billion dollars in just 9 days.

In order for Endgame to capture the title of the highest grossing film in history, it has one more movie to pass. Cameron also directed Avatar which currently holds the record at 2.7 billion dollars and Endgame is on pace to take the top spot.

With so much hype and excitement around the movie, celebrities have even reacted to how much they love the movie on social media.

“3 hours later and I’m shook! My God, @AvengersEndgame is beyond epic! It’s everything you hope it will be and more – an absolute @MarvelStudiosmarvel! And I’m pretty sure it will make all the money ever printed! Loved it and would watch again instantly!,” said Director and comic book enthusiast Kevin Smith on Twitter.

Many fans on Twitter have voiced how emotional they were after viewing the movie. Some beloved characters departing in the movie has left fans sad, upset and many at peace.

Fans have been going crazy over the final installment of the Disney Avengers Infinity series. showing up in full movie inspired attire

Even Captain America himself has been moved by how much the fans appreciate the movie as he expresses his gratitude on Twitter.

“Some of these #ThankYouAvengers posts are incredibly touching. I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude today,” said actor Chris Evans, who starred as Captain America.

Many people on the internet have even made memes to express how they feel about the movie. There has been a hashtag on Twitter used by the official Marvel account and several of the actors in the film, #Dontspoilendgame for fans who have not seen the movie yet.

Endgame is on pace for another big weekend and seeks to break more box office records and perhaps become the all-time highest-grossing movie worldwide.