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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Handcrafted coffees and espressos Dripp together in Fullerton

Dripp coffee bar in Downtown Fullerton offers a variety of handcrafted coffee and beverages along with pastries for the entire family. Just like their motto, “Dripp coffee together” this place is more than coffee, it provides a welcoming experience.

Various espresso shots, cappuccinos and lattes that can be seen in other coffee shops have been mastered by the specialist here at Dripp. The popular pour-over coffee blends include dark chocolate and cherries from Mexico, blueberry and wild honey from Colombia; selected few from Kenya and Costa Rica are also available.

Dripp employee prepares specialty coffee for customer. Each coffee is prepared at time of order at Dripp coffee bar in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Maureen Grimaldo

Due to the unusual variety of coffee offered at Dripp, manager Bleu Mendoza has focused on educating for her staff. She also encouraged her staff on welcoming customers to ask question in order ease the intimidation that some people feel when entering Dripp. Mendoza has made sure that her staff can help new customers find their drink.

“The goal is bringing people out of what they are used to and showing them that a lot of time goes in to our coffee,” Mendoza said.

The current popular menu item aside from the pour over, is the Spanish latte. The ingredients include, sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, 2 shots of espresso and milk, the taste is similar to horchata.

Looking for something sweet on the menu? Dripps Spanish latte is a popular item on the menu made with sweetened condensed milk, cinnamon, 2 shots of espresso. Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

“For every person that comes, time goes in to make sure they get what they want even if it’s not coffee,” Mendoza said.

For non-coffee drinkers Dripp offers two types of tea, iced and hot. The hot teas are made from loose-leaf and are freshly brewed when ordered. The iced teas are made to order and come in a variety of flavor mixtures from mango and pineapple to mixed berries and lemongrass. The teas are sweetened to order as well.

Dripp also has dessert options that include locally sourced ice cream, cookies, and a variety of pastries that are fresh daily.

A variety of Macaroon cookies is just one of the many dessert options at Dripp coffee bar in Downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Maureen Grimaldo

Dripp has four different seating options for customers to choose from. There are two large couches and arm chairs for a lounge style. There are high top table towards the back of the coffee bar. There is the traditional square table and chairs available as well. Customers can also enjoy outdoor seating while at Dripp. There are heaters and lights for the night time guests.

The indoor and outdoor space both have access to the free WiFi and is an ideal place for students to study and get caffeinated.

The specialty coffee at Dripp is different from other well know coffee shops because of their section process and the time devoted to make the coffee. Mendoza explained that a lot of time and education goes into preparing the coffees that are made at Dripp. Owner Rabih Sater, goes to different countries and meets with local growers to choose the coffee sold at Dripp.

Photo credit: Ciera Chavez

Mendoza expressed that bringing people out of what they are used to and showing them that a lot of time goes in to our coffee is the goal of Dripp.

“When there is more time put into making one cup of coffee instead of mass producing a bunch of different stuff together, it will taste better,” Mendoza added.

The first Dripp location was opened in Chino Hills and when Sater wanted to bring specialty coffee to Orange County he chose Fullerton. Mendoza explained that the location next to the Fox Theater on Harbor and Chapman was perfect for Stater’s vision. A third location will be opening soon at the South Coast Plaza.