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Around the Hornet: A Tale of Two Curry’s

They may have the same last name, play the same position, wear different jerseys, but both brothers had different journeys on their road to the Western Conference Finals.

Now the table has been set for the teams in Conference Finals and this should be a good one.

Tonight you have In the Western Conference Finals, where the visiting Portland Trail Blazers vs the back-to-back defending NBA Champions Golden State Warriors. Tomorrow night you have the Eastern Conference Finals with the Toronto Raptors vs the Milwaukee Bucks.

The winner of this best-of-seven series will go on to play in the 2019 NBA Finals.

Brothers Seth and Steph Curry holding each others jerseys after the game. Photo credit: Google

This will be the first time in 19 years that the Trail Blazers have been in the Western Conference Finals. As for Golden State, they will be returning for their third time in just five years.

While most people will believe that Steph is the best player in the family, Seth will have his chance to put his skills on display for the world to see. After five years in the NBA, this is his first finals appearance and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

For Seth, he’s been sitting on the sidelines during the playoffs and traveling to road games for the last four years watching his brother Steph play. Now he will have his chance to be on the floor going head-to-head with his older brother.

This is the first time in history that brothers will be playing against each other in the Western Conference Finals. The most nerve-recking and biggest sibling rivalry will hit the floor of Oracle Arena with tipoff at 6 p.m.

Growing up, everyone knows that your biggest competitor is your siblings. So this is no different. Plus the Curry’s are no stranger to competition as mom Sonya, played basketball and volleyball at Virginia University, and dad Dell played basketball for Virginia Tech before entering the draft of NBA 1986. Curry was the 5th overall draft to Utah Jazz, and played for five different teams until he retired in 2002 after 16 seasons.

The brothers Steph and Seth got a chance to watch their favorite players in action as children growing up in the basketball world and will put what they’ve learned and mimic to the test.

Parents Dell and Sonya Curry flipped a coin to see which parent would represent which son. Sonya wearing Portland Trail Blazers for Seth Curry and Dell wearing Golden State for Steph Curry. Photo credit: Google

Which brother will come out on top? Which brother will be watching from the sideline this time around? Either way it’s a dream come true to have both sons playing in the Western Conference Finals.

Without a doubt, this will be hard for the parents as they decided each game who will cheer on each son, either way, the Curry’s are going to the Championship.

The Warriors have beaten the Trail Blazers 7-2, but in the playoffs all bets are off.

As the champs look to repeat, the Blazers are looking to swipe their first trophy since 1977. As the clock winds down and just minutes until game time, this first game is a tale of which team will do the best with their injured players.

For Golden State, Kevin Durant is already ruled out with a strained calf. While for Portland, Enes Kanter has a separated shoulder and Rodney Hood has a hyperextended knee. Although Durant will be re-evaluated on Thursday, Kanter and Hood are expected both to play, but are not probably as they are not 100 percent.

On the other hand in the Eastern Conference Finals you have Toronto Raptors fresh off a game 7 buzzer beater from Kawhi Leonard that sent the NBA into a freenzy. He scored the last 13 out of the Raptors final 15 points in the closing minutes as he hit a leading yet fading shot over the outstretched Joel Embiid and trailing Ben Simmons.

Milwaukee Bucks small forward Giannis Antetokounmpo backs down Toronto Raptors small forward Kawhi Leonard as he fights for position to score for the Bucks. Photo credit: Google

The Milwaukee Bucks are ready to return to the floor after being on a long break after beating the Boston Celtics 4-1. The last time these two teams played against each other in the playoffs was in the 2016-17 season when the Raptors beat the Bucks in the first round of the playoffs 4-2.

Tipoff for Eastern Conference Finals is Wednesday, May 15 at 5:30 p.m.