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Annual student art exhibit has returned to Fullerton College

The Fullerton College Art department is currently holding its annual student exhibition that is going on now till Wednesday, May 15th. The gallery is located on campus in the Art Department in room 1004.

Students submitted up to four art pieces in April to possibly be selected for the art exhibit. The opening reception was held on May 2. The students who were selected described their work to attendees in hope’s of getting a spot in the exhibit.

Jenna Martin's art piece "Inedible" painted with oil on wood Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

“We usually get about 450 entries and we juror it down to 150 to get the best representations of all of the disciplines that the art department offers,” Gallery technician, Jim Nickell said.

The art work that was submitted to the exhibit was the work the students completed from the 2019 academic year. “The jurors voted on which pieces would be displayed in the art show,” Nickell added.

The artwork in the gallery is available for purchase and is priced by each individual art student. The art pieces in the gallery range in different mediums such as paint, ink, sculptures, wood, and digital art.

Fine art graduate from UC Santa Cruz, Catherine Gilliand found out about the art exhibit by seeing the event banner outside of the art building.

Student Art Exhibit Attendee
Fine Art almunus Lucy Peattie attends the exhibit in awe. Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

“I saw the banner and I was immediately interested to see the art done by the students on this campus. The work is extraordinary some of these students should put themselves out there because their techniques are really good,” Gilliand said. “Seeing the different art styles helps me get an idea of what techniques I can teach since I am pursuing to teach art to children and get ideas of which mediums I can potentially use.”

Julia Feng, fine art student, has two art pieces that were selected showing two different artistic styles. Her first art style is an illustration drawing of anthropomorphic animals that she completed in her illustration class.

Amanda Robert's Self Portrait
Amanda Robert's Self Portrait painted with oil on canvas Photo credit: Anthony Carrera

“We had to pick three words at random. The first word you chose is an animal, the second word an adjective and the third word a profession. I ended up getting emu, rakish and photographer all those words do not fit together in anyway possible,” Feng said.

Her second piece titled “Can I Use Color Pencils?” was a previous winner of an honorable mention. It was created with acrylic paint. “The original composition was made from color pencils.” This piece is currently selling for $200.

The gallery is open to the public Monday – Thursday 10am to 12pm & 2pm to 4pm. The gallery will be open in the evening from 6pm to 8pm on May 8th and 14th.