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Back to School Tips and Tricks

Starting the fall semester, here are a few tips and tricks to make going back to school easier.


Fullerton College parking can be a nightmare, especially during the first few weeks of the semester. It’s a good rule of thumb to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your first class starts. This insures that you will find a parking spot as stress free as possible while still giving you enough time to find your class. If needed, FC provides shuttles to campus during the first few weeks of school for students with FC parking permits. Shuttles depart from the Walgreens parking lot located on Chapman and Raymond.

FC parking .jpeg
Fullerton College parking structure located on Lemon between Chapman and Berkeley. Photo credit: Fullerton College Library

Make sure you buy a parking permit even if it is only a one day permit. Campus Safety will ticket you starting Sept. 2nd if you do not have a permit. Daily parking permit kiosks can be found near the stairs in the parking structures and close to campus in the parking lots.


When it comes to buying textbooks, it is smart to wait to see if your professor actually requires you to have the textbook. Most professors require the textbook, however some will say their textbook is only recommended reading and not necessary.

Additionally, some teachers have their assignments online through the publisher of the textbook. This requires an access code which doesn’t always come with used books. Access codes can be bought online directly from the publisher and almost always include an online version of the textbook. If your class requires you to have an access code, it’s a waste to buy the physical textbook along with the access code that includes the digital version of the book. In short, just buy the access code unless you are told otherwise.

While searching for your textbook make sure you are paying attention to the international standard book number given to you by your professor.

It is best to use the ISBN to find your book rather than just the title or author. This insures that you are getting the exact textbook you need.

fc bookstore.jpeg
Fullerton College bookstore entrance. Photo credit: Fullerton College

Buying textbooks every semester can often end up being more expensive than tuition for class itself. In order to save money, avoid buying your textbooks from the FC bookstore unless they are used or are available to rent. If you buy your books brand new from the bookstore, there is the option of participating in the buyback. With buyback, the bookstore will essentially buy back your textbooks from you if they are in good condition.

Oftentimes, you can find better prices online or at used bookstores. Specific for Fullerton College, Textbook Max is a great place to buy or rent books both new and used. Located off of Commonwealth, Textbook Max is only about a five minute walk from campus.

There are also great online resources to find good deals on textbooks. offers great prices on textbooks either to own or rent for the semester. Amazon also has some books for rental. Ultimately, to find the lowest price on textbooks, a good site to use is On SlugBooks, all you need to do is type in the ISBN for your book, and the site will compare the best prices online for the book you are looking for.


Have a test coming up? If you need a scantron or bluebook, every version you need can be found in the FC bookstore. In a pinch, you can also find the most popular versions sold in select vending machines around campus. Scantrons and various school supplies are also sold at the circulation desk in the library.

scantron .jpg
Pencil with broken lead on top of scantron. Photo credit: Mental Floss


The library has endless helpful resources. First off, if you need a collaborative study spot, there are study rooms available for check out for up to two hours at a time. All you need is two student IDs to check out each room. Rooms have a whiteboard, outlets, and dry erase markers that are available for checkout.

If research seems daunting or you just want extra help, you can make an appointment with a librarian to help you. In these appointments they can help you either get started with your research or delve deeper into the research you have already done. Also, without a specific research project, the librarians can help you navigate the academic databases and all of the resources for research that are available to you.

Librarian at Fullerton College helping a student. Photo credit: Fullerton College

Lastly, the library offers printing services. It’s only ten cents for each black and white page and then 25 cents for color copies. This can be extremely helpful when finishing up homework or a paper last minute before class.

Welcome back Hornets! Good luck this semester.