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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Munchie Monday Review: Kopan Ramen

From presentation, to taste, Kopan Ramen offered dishes to delight. Located in Downtown Fullerton off of Commonwealth it’s right around the corner from Fullerton College.

For a starter, the takoyaki was an experience in itself. The battered octopus was layered with a decadent Japanese mayonnaise and a savory sauce that tasted like a tangy version of teriyaki.

To top it all off was the fish flakes. The delicate shavings appeared to dance on top of the dish as it was brought to the table which made it much more exciting. They left no fishy flavor behind and ended up being a tasteless garnish more than anything.

The slight crunch of the exterior of the takoyaki paired nicely with the soft doughy inside. The soft batter mixed with the octopus in the filling provided a gooey consistency with a nice savory flavor.

Kopan App.jpg
Takoyaki at Kopan Ramen in Downtown Fullerton Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

The kara miso ramen, a signature ramen dish at the restaurant, was a slightly spicy entree. It was a great introductory food for chasu also known as pork belly.

Although it sounds unappetizing, the chasu was perfectly prepared. The meat melted in your mouth while still being spongy enough to lightly chew. With no overwhelming flavor, the chasu took the taste of the broth itself.

The tender chasu tasted great with the medley of vegetables and the subtle crunch of the bamboo shoot. Although the level of spice was listed as a two or three out of four, the food had a lasting spice that built up as it was consumed.

Kopan B.jpg
Kara Miso from Kopan Ramen in Downtown Fullerton Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

As for the customizable ramen, the options were endless. Similar to the chasu, the chicken that was in the custom ramen was prepared wonderfully. All of the vegetables in both dishes tasted fresh and nothing was overpowering. The flavors were all balanced nicely.

Best of all, was the broth featured in the custom ramen. The pork-based broth tasted creamy and rich without being greasy and heavy.

Kopan A.jpg
Custom ramen from Kopan Ramen in Downtown Fullerton Photo credit: Jamie Lima-Sabatini

Kopan Ramen is a great place to go for lunch or dinner. It’s open everyday from 11:30 in the morning until 11 at night. On Fridays and Saturdays Kopan Ramen is open until midnight which makes it perfect for a late night meal.

The food at Kopan was great and filling without leaving a gross feeling in your stomach. The restaurant’s customizable option is a great draw as there is something here for everyone.