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Staying safe on FC campus

With the recent events at surrounding colleges and throughout the nation, it is important to keep up to date with emergency contacts and what to do in the case a situation occurs on campus.

To start off the 2019 fall semester, a stabbing on the Cal State Fullerton campus last month left Steven Shek Keung Chan dead on the scene from his wounds. In a press release dated Aug. 22 the Fullerton Police Department stated that on Chuyen Vo was arrested for the murder of Chan.

Cerritos College Police responded to a bomb threat on the campus Tuesday, Sept. 3. According to the incident report, a student entered a class room in the CIS/Math building and stated that he had a bomb. The suspect, Mohammad Sameem Yaqubi, was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the bomb squad was called to the scene but did not find evidence of a bomb on the suspect.

Safety office hours.png
The Fullerton College Campus Safety office hours for the spring 2019 semester. Officers are on campus and available for assistance year round, 24/7.

In the event of an emergency due to an active shooter or threat at Fullerton, Campus Safety recommends that students and staff lock or barricade the door, shut off all lights, silence cell phones, notify Campus Safety and dial 911.

Additionally the Campus Safety site provides an active shooter response training video entitled “Shots Fired on Campus,” and can be viewed by FC students, faculty and staff here.

Campus Safety Coordinator Jim McKamy recommends that all students and staff save the Campus Safety Emergency number to their phone. That number is (714) 992-7777.

There are emergency phones located on campus that can contact the office directly. These phone are painted blue and have a light on top that makes them clearly viewable at night. The blue phones relay the location of the call automatically.

On Campus emergency phone
These blue emergency phones are placed around the Fullerton College campus and provide a direct line to Campus Safety. Photo credit: Maureen Grimaldo

The Campus Safety number is used for other services provided, like their escort service. Students and staff can request to be escorted by a security offer from any location on campus to their vehicle after dark. The escorts can only provide the service to cars parked on campus. Safety officers are available on campus year round, 24/7.

The Campus Safety website provides further details on what to do during other emergency situations. There is also a safety tips brochure that can be download that includes a map with the location of all the blue emergency phones the campus.

We can do our part to keep our campus safe as students, if anyone sees anything suspicious at school or on social media to report it immediately with Campus Safety.