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Apple Arcade is now available exclusively on Apple products.

Apple has teamed up with developers to create the Apple Arcade where users can gain access to over 100 games on all Apple devices.

Apple Arcade is now available on iPhone for a subscription of $4.99 a month for 100+ ad free mobile games. Apple users can try it for one month free now in the App Store.

Apple Arcade will be available to play on iPad and Apple TV on September 30, 2019 with the new iPad OS and MacOS Catalina.

Users are able to download games on their devices which will cause more gigabyte space to be taken up on users devices. With different limitations with space on iPhones, some may not be able to download as many games as others with larger GB space

Square Enix, Konami, Bandai Namco and Capcom are some of the many great game developers that have teamed up with Apple Arcade.

With the monthly subscription on Apple Arcade, users will not have to stress about microtransactions, which are required for most mobile games these days.

LEGO Brawls - Apple Arcade
Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

Apple Arcade will allow players to have access to exclusive games like LEGO Brawls; a 1-4 player game where players can create their own mini figure and brawl other players to victory.

Users can connect with up to six family members and play exclusive multi-player games that are fun for the whole family under one subscription.

Other games coming to Apple Arcade include The Enchanted World where players can guide a young fairy through an enchanted puzzle world of adventures to piece the world back together.

Sayonara Wild Hearts - Apple Arcade
Gameplay in Sayonara Wild Hearts Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

Brand new ground breaking games like Sayonara Wild Hearts; an all female character arcade game where players can ride motorcycles, skateboard, dance battle, wield swords and more will be available to Apple Arcade users.

Sega released exclusive games to Apple Arcade like Sonic Racing, players race the different Sonic characters in the palm of their hands.

Sonic Racing - Apple Arcade
Gameplay in Sonic Racing Photo credit: Cheyenne Ridgley

Whether players are looking to dive into an adventure and role-play a knight in the magical world of Gaia in Oceanhorn 2 or solve a series of mind-blowing 3D puzzles in ChuChu Rocket! Universe.

Apple Arcade’s menu organizes their games into categories so players can pick their play style.

With the organization of game categories, recommendations just for you, and the new arrivals category, Apple Arcade makes it extremely easy to navigate and is very user friendly.

They have categories for games genres like: family games, games for beginners and platforming games.

Platformer games like Rayman Mini offers a fun fast-paced experience where players can run through different beautiful maps dodging obstacles along the way. Choose between three different characters and unlock special items to customize your own experience.

Games will be added monthly so there will always be something new to look forward to with games in Apple Arcade.