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Munchie Monday Review: Rutabegorz

With sizeable portions and a variety of dishes to order, Rutabegorz offers flavor for everyone. This restaurant is located in a historic building off Pomona Ave in Downtown Fullerton, and is walking distance from Fullerton College.

For a starter, the artichoke dip was served warm and chips piled on the plate next to it.

The dip was creamy with a mild kick from the jalapeño mixed in with the artichoke chunks giving it a little bit of crunch. Paired with thin and crispy tortilla chips, this starter was enough for 3 people to share.

Artichoke Dip Photo credit: Ann Lipot

Ruta’s killer chili was flavorful from the first bite to the last. While one cup of this vegetarian chili might no look like much, it can be a meal on its own.

The chili has a hearty flavor followed by a medium kick from the spices in the base broth. Topped with tomato and cheese, these garnishes are not just for looks; they add to the flavor of the chili.

Ruta's Killer Chili Photo credit: Ann Lipot

Rutabegorz’s garlic chicken sandwich was piled high with chunks of chicken that were covered with melted cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato and avocado between two slices of French bread.

The chicken was tender and had enough garlic to add a little bit of spicy kick that was balanced by the slices of avocado in the same bite but didn’t overpower the garlic taste.

As for the bread, the fluffiness paired well with the filling and helped to absorb the olive oil balsamic dipping sauce that was on the side. However, the dipping sauce did not add to the sandwich itself. The only problem was all the olive oil sat on top of the balsamic and being such a small cup, it made it difficult to get both flavors on to the sandwich.

Garlic Chicken Sandwich served with pasta salad and olive oil balsamic dipping sauce. Photo credit: Ann Lipot

Their Eggcredible sandwich was less than incredible, but still had a good flavors and texture.

It was served without mayo on the bread, but did come with a side of honey mustard dressing that added to the flavor. The Indian bread was soft and had a taste similar to wheat bread, which did pair well with the crunch of the cucumber, red onion and tomato.

The turkey avocado wrap was also a tasty option, packed full of turkey, avocado, tomato and blue cheese crumbles.The whole wheat tortilla was soft, chewy and added a bit of its own flavor to the wrap

The tangy blue cheese worked well with the savory turkey and avocado, but did not overwhelm the wrap. The mediterranean dip added tangy flavor to the wrap, although the same problem persists as it is served in a small cup that is awkward to dip into.

Turkey Avocado Wrap served watermelon and mediterranean dressing. Photo credit: Ann Lipot

Rutabegorz is a great place to go for delicious food for lunch or dinner. It’s open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and stays open till 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturdays. Don’t feel like dining in? They have a to-go menu so food can enjoyed at home or anywhere.

The food here is full of flavor and it’s not too heavy to leave your with the overly full feeling. Portions here are worth the money paid for them and they have a variety of food that even a picky eater can find something to enjoy on the menu.