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Review: Netflix Series “Inside Bill’s Brain”

Netflix’s newest series spotlights the riveting life and mind of Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. The series delves into the early life of Bill Gates while the viewer is taken on a journey to see the obstacles around the world Bill and wife Melinda Gates are tackling.

Director David Guggenheim sheds light on just exactly who Bill is. With interviews from family members, friends and colleagues who share their intimate experiences and moments with the software tycoon.

The cinematography used in the film to captures Bill’s deep emotional responses and moments of silence from of the hard-hitting questions. Giving the viewer a personal feeling of who the man as we dive deep into his life and thoughts.

Bill Gates.jpg
Bill Gates at his desk as seen in "Inside Bill's Brain" Photo credit: Netflix

Guggenheim’s pacing in the series is just right and moves right a long without going too fast or too slow being sure not to lose the viewers interest.

The series uses cartoon animation accompanied with clips of home video giving the viewers a very humbling portrayal of Bill. Showing highlights of his ups and downs with insights to his childhood viewers get to see Bill in a whole new light.

The early stages of how Bill and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, met as they laid the groundwork for the Windows software is fascinating. Guggenheim captures the importance and impact of key persons who help shape Bill in his journey.

bill and paul.jpg
Bill Gates and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen Photo credit: Netflix

Aside from Bill Gates and his career in the world of Microsoft the documentary series explores the challenges and feats he is taking on today. The series showcases the works of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Together Bill and Melinda are taking on international and domestic issues from sanitation to power to build a better future for the world. By giving viewers this window into Bill’s life it captures a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Never ceasing to take no for an answer Bill constantly seeks new innovations for today’s technologies.

Bill is a man who is on a constant quest for knowledge and seems to never stop working. With small views into his seemingly endless work schedule to moments of him in deep study. The series does a fine job showcasing this as a constant underlying theme often displaying these as a strength as well as a weakness.

This documentary series is a fantastic watch and well worth the time with each episode of the three part series under an hour. For Netflix binge watchers and part-time Netflix watchers this series is perfect for a lazy Sunday or as a great show to spread out over time.