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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

The Hornet

New voices in Fullerton draw attention to locals

From bands, solo artists and even family duos, Open Mic Night at the Night Owl is a time for everyone.

Not only is the show a great experience but also a free event to invite friends, a place to showcase your talent or even have a fun date night.

“The Night Owl is a place for creative expression”; stated by event coordinator Rod Harrison as he begins another Open Mic Night.

The event takes place at 8 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month, with live performances by rising musicians like Halie Sims.

Artwork posted in main hallway of The Night Owl created by staff, customers, and Fullerton artists. Photo credit: Lauren Pacheco

Sims is a Fullerton native who attends FJC, and will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton next semester.

“I’ve been preforming at Open Mic for a year now, but I was always afraid to sing live,” said Halie Sims.

The artist confesses that her inspiration and sound come from well known musicians like Florence and the Machines. Her written work consists of personal feelings and coping with the changes of everyday life. With just her ukulele and soft voice, Sims leaves the audience at a sweet peace.

Musician, Halie Sims preforming for her eigth time at The Night Owl. Photo credit: Lauren Pacheco

As more Fullerton locals and Orange County residents gather around, there is a strong feeling of community and encouragement. The show is taken place on the outdoor patio, located in the back. However, the sound is carried throughout the coffee shop all night long.

“I love that the Open Mic Night focuses on the Individual and supports creativity. It is a great group of people and a special time for everyone to come together. Once a month is a perfect time it gives artists time to prepare and the locals, something to look forward to,” said Night Owl Barista, Hannah Cameron.

Cameron preformed at the event as well, and expressed her love for music and freedom of self-expression.

Local indie band playing an original song at The Night Owl. Photo credit: Lauren Pacheco

Each artist that sets the stage has a unique sound, like upcoming musician, Anthony Aragon who began preforming at The Night Owl in March 2018. Aragon has completed eight total shows since then.

“Each performance helps conquer nervousness,” said Aragon.

His uncle accompanies him by playing guitar at the Open Mic as well. The 19 year-old artist produces smooth vocals with pop-like beats that get the crowd moving. Some of his inspiration derives from pop-stars like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

The audience remained steady and very interactive throughout each performance. Couples danced to upbeat songs, friends played board games while listening and others remained sipping their Night Owl beverages.

“The atmosphere is always welcoming and encouraging. I have been coming here for about four years now and love the live music and supportive crowd,” said Fullerton local, JC Pompey.

He also preforms at the event consistently, but always enjoys listening to others express themselves as well.

“There is such a variety of artists, you get something new each time,” added Pompey.

The next Open Mic Night will return on November 5th, 2019 at the Night Owl in Downtown Fullerton.