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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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FC Health Center provides a wide range of medical and Mental Health services

Located in the 1200 building on campus, the Student Health Center is aiding students everyday in improving their mental health, physical health and well being. Open Monday through Friday in room 1204, actively enrolled students are eligible to access these resources through their small pre-paid student health fees of $19 during registration.

The Health Center provides all general services for clinical and psychological needs as well as a wide variety of specialty screenings, vaccinations and STD testing. Students are able to walk in during open hours to ask any questions, make an appointment, or to request immediate medical attention. Be sure to have a valid campus ID when walking in or for an appointment. Students may also make an appointment by phone: (714) 992-7093.

Student Health Center
Health Center Located in room 1204 Photo credit: Photo Credit: Hornet Archive

The Health Center Staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychologists, health educators, medical assistants and other personnel. The Health Center follows strict regulations to keep patient and student confidentiality, so students can feel comfortable and secure when going in to receive any medical attention. At Fullerton College, the Health Center values students vulnerability and understands how certain health conditions and topics may be hard to discuss and seek resources for. All staff are equipped and able to help students in a professional and confidential way to make certain that students can feel welcome.

Flu Shot on Campus
Starting in October, get your free flu shot at the Health Center in room 1204. Photo credit: Photo Credit: Fullerton College Health Center

Back to school season means the flu season is upon us. During the month of October, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, students may walk into the Health Center for a free flu shot. Do not miss out on this opportunity to protect and prevent! Many students will get sick during the fall semester and the Health Center wants to help eliminate any stress that may come from lack of resources at home.

For small additional fee, student may also receive additional specialty vaccinations such as the Hepatitis A and B, and Tdap (Tetanus) shot. Check the Health Center website at for a list of all clinical services that the Health Center provides. Certain services do require set appointments.

Health Center
The Health Center is open Monday through Friday. Check website for hours. Photo credit: Photo Credit: Beth Stover

The well being of college students is very important. Mental health is a huge part of the success of a student and many times goes unnoticed. At the Health Center there are full time staff on duty dedicated to behavioral health and mental counseling. Any student struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, body image, identity issues and family or romantic relationships struggles can seek help at no cost by setting up an appointment.

Students can make appointments for a private 50 minute session with a professional mental health counselor. With an appointment, students have a safe and confidential space to talk about their difficulties and work with their counselor to find steps to make healthy changes or adjustments in their lifestyle. The staff may also provide referrals to external support groups or specialists if they feel additional support is needed. For more information and hotlines go to the Health Center Website:

Fullerton College wants every students to achieve their academic potential, but to do so, students must be healthy over all. So be sure to stop by the Health Center this semester to see what resources you made need to be at your best.