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Munchie Monday Review: 48 Bistro

Late night shenanigans at 48 Bistro is a must. This Vietnamese restaurant is located in the wonderful city of Brea, right in the heart of downtown. This restaurant offers a variety of food selections, appetizers and drinks. Vietnamese food is full of delicious options such as noodles, pho and even seasoned french fries.

48 Bistro is also known for their famous jasmine tea, it is made freshly unlike other places who use tea bags from various markets, the smell and taste were phenomenal.

The items that were ordered were under the noodles category. This included 48 Bistro house special Pho which came with rice noodles, choices of shrimp, beef, chicken or combo meaning all three choices and their delicious broth. Sides included with the Pho were limes, jalapeno peppers, basil and delicious bean sprouts. The serving temperate was just right.

48 Bistro Food Pho.jpg
48 bistro house special pho Photo credit: Alexis Rodriguez

Next dish ordered was called lo-mein noodles. This dish was served with stir fried noodle with sautéed vegetables and choice of shrimp, beef, or chicken. However, the beef was the most popular and was cooked perfectly.

This dish was paired with vegetables that included a soy-based sauce that is finger licking good and the aroma was out of this world.

Another unlikely side ordered was fries. They were topped with an unforgettable pepper seasoning.

48 Bistro Food.jpg
Lo-Mein noodles Photo credit: Alexis Rodriguez

The temperature of the food was excellent. The portion size was a great, and there was enough to take leftovers home.

The pho was filled with a balance taste of ingredients that pleased the taste buds. Having a hot bowl of pho on a cool night was excellent.

Moving onto the lo-mein noodles, this dish not only looked appealing to the eye but was also delectable with vegetables. The noodles were seasoned just enough to taste the spices that made this dish a favorite one.

Business hours are Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Customers have all day to try their delicious food items. 48 Bistro also offers availability to call in orders and pickup if customers are unavailable to have a sit down dinner.

This food will have everyone coming back to enjoy favorites from the menu.