Campus Safety Report: Sept. 30-Oct. 6

Maureen Grimaldo

FC Campus Safety released its incident report for Sept. 30-Oct. 6. There were four incidents reported on the Fullerton campus last week.

On Monday Sept. 30, the week began with medical aid being sent to the 200 building.

A traffic collision involving a parked vehicle on Tuesday, Oct. 1 was reported in student parking lot 5.

On Wednesday Oct. 2, medical aid was called to the 1200 building.

A report of trespassing on Thursday, Oct. 3, led to an arrest near the 200 building. The incident occurred after hours and the suspect, who was identified as male, is not a Fullerton College student. Campus Safety stated that the man refused to leave after several requests, which resulted in the arrest. The suspect had previously been reported as trespassing earlier in the semester after hours on campus.

No reports were recorded after Thursday.

Contact Campus Safety at (714) 992-7777 in the event of an emergency or assistance.