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Beyoncé’s Life As We Know It

Beyoncé best known for basically ruling the world. Here is a break down of Beyoncé’s fame from who she is now as a musician, actor, activist and everything in between.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was born on September 4, 1981 raised by her parents Celestine “Tine” Knowles and her father Mathew Knowles in Houston, Texas. Beyoncé has one younger sister, Solange Knowles.

Her mom was a hair dresser who also owned a hair salon while her father was a Xerox manager.

Early Years:

While attending St. Mary’s Montessori school Beyoncé was enrolled in dance class. Knowles interest in music and performing began to grow after she won her school’s talent show by singing John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” winning first place.

At the young age of eight, Knowles and her best friend Kelly Rowland met Latavia Roberson at an audition for an all girl group.

The girls were then placed into a group with three other girls the group was called, Girls Tyme.

The group rapped and danced in a local Houston talent showcase. The girls got noticed by producer, Arne Fragner. The producer got them on a talent show called “Star Search” unfortunately the Girls Tyme lost the competition.

Beyoncé’s father decided to quit his job in 1995 to take on the role of managing the girl group. Which lead his family’s financial income in jeopardy causing Knowles’ parents to live in separate housings to get by.

Destiny’s Child:

The girl group in 1996 decided to change their stage name from Girl Tyme deciding on the name Destiny. During that same year the group then signed with Sony music then to making a contract with Columbia Records. By this time the group had another name change to what is now known as Destiny’s Child.

By 1997 the girls released their first labeled song, “Killing Time” to the “Men in Black” soundtrack.

That following year the girls then released their self titled album, “Destiny’s Child”, which also scored them their first major hit song, “No, No, No”. Their record was receiving mainstream attention from the media and around the globe.

Their second album, “Writing’s On The Wall” debuted in 1999. The album presented the groups most popular well-known songs, “Bills, Bills, Bills”, which was the group’s first hit song.

The songs “Jumpin, Jumpin” and “Say My Name” remain the biggest hit songs at the time with “Say My Name” earning the group their first Grammy award.

Group members LeToya Luckett and Roberson were not happy with how their manager was treating resulting in their departure. Who were then replaced by Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams.

After Luckett and Roberson left Knowles started to feel depressed and anxious about the whole issue since the original members had just won their first Grammy.

Several media outlets and critics were blamed Beyoncé for the affect it had. Beyoncé suffered from the mental illness for a couple years keeping to herself and wasn’t eating. Her mental state was not because she didn’t voice her thoughts but because Destiny’s Child had just won a Grammy.

Beyoncé didn’t want the issue to be the only topic the media focused fearing no one would take her seriously after everything cleared up.

The trio began working on a song called, “Independent Women Part 1” for the 2000 movie “Charlie’s Angel’s” based on the 1970s series of the same name. The song reached another level of music charts and received tons of praise from their fans for weeks.

In 2001, during the recording process of Destiny’s Child’s third record “Survivor” Beyoncé then took on another role in her career. It became the start of her acting career in MTV’s “Carmen: A Hip Hoppera” which was set in Philadelphia.

“Survivor” was still going strong and went straight to number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

Both track titles, “Bootylicious” and record titled, “Survivor” both gained the group a Grammy award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.

During Beyoncé’s career in Destiny’s Child her and Jay- Z released a song called, “Bonnie & Clyde” in 2002. This was Beyoncé first solo song without the voices of Williams and Rowland.

Beyoncé’s Formation:

In 2003, Beyoncé then released her own solo album called, “Dangerously in Love”. For it being her first solo record. Off her first record she then released another duet song with Jay- Z called, “Crazy in Love.” The song became Knowles first hit song as a solo artist.

From that record she then released song’s like, “Baby Boy’ that also went number one along with record track songs, “Me, Myself and I” and “Naughty Girl”, which both gained success.

Destiny’s Child decided to part ways in 2004 by releasing their final record called, “Destiny Fulfilled.” The last studio album released songs such as “Lose My Breath” and “Soldier” which both peaked on to the music charts.

The group went on farewell tour called “Destiny Fulfilled and Lovin It Tour” which was sponsored by McDonald’s. During the tour not only did they perform original Destiny’s Child tracks they also performed their own solo material as well.

In March of 2006 the ladies came together to receive their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a unit the group sold over 50 million records world wide.

Leading to Beyoncé’s film debut in “The Pink Panther” released February 2006 along side Steve Martin, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and more.

Beyoncé’s second film, “Dream Girls” was released in December 2006 her character was an aspiring music artist. Beyoncé’ promoted the film releasing the song “Listen” off of the movie soundtrack.

Sasha Fierce/ Life:

2008 was a big year for Beyoncé which is when when she got married to her husband, Jay-Z . The singer publicly announced her nuptials to the rapper her album “I am…Sasha Fierce” listening party in New York by viewing some clips of their day.

The “I am…Sasha Fierce” album reveals Beyoncé’s alter ego, Sasha Fierce. The album, “I am…Sasha Fierce” is known for her hit songs, “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” “If I Were A Boy” and “Halo.”

At the start of they year Beyoncé got the opportunity to perform at the inauguration for President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle In 2009. In March 2009 Beyoncé started her “I Am… World Tour” which was her second headlining tour.

Beyoncé’s life and career was in full swing with her song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) nominated for Best Female Video at the 2009 “MTV Video Music Awards.”

The award went to Taylor Swift’s music video “You Belong With Me” instead of Beyoncé. Which lead to the famous Kanye West moment which he interrupts Swift’s acceptance speech.

Later that night Beyoncé won Video of the Year for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” inviting Swift back onstage to finally say what she before she got interrupted by West.

Before taking a ten month break in 2010 Beyoncé was featured in Lady Gaga’s song, “Telephone.”

The Next Phase:

Beyoncé made her comeback by making history at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, being the first woman in history to headline the musical event.

Two days later she then released her fourth studio record, “Four” which came out in the U.S. Her record went straight to number one with her two singles, “Run The World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had.”

Beyoncé then received a writing award titled, “New York Association of Black Journalists” for her “Essence” cover story,”Eat, Play, Love” which she speaks about her 10 month break and what she went through during that period.

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards was a highlight for the Beyoncé and Jay-Z announcing on the VMA stage that her family would be expanding. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were expecting their first child due in 2012.

In February of 2013, Beyoncé headlined the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Pepsi halftime show performing some of her hit songs such as, “Love on Top,” “Crazy in Love,” “End of Time” and “Baby Boy.”

Beyoncé surprised audiences with former band mates Rowland and Williams performing three of their hit numbers “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women” and a different rendition of her solo song “Single Ladies.”

Beyoncé released her next song, “Drunk in Love” featuring Jay-Z. The song went to the second spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

In April 2014 the duo announced that they would be supporting one another on tour together called, “On The Run Tour.”

By August, MTV honored her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her musical achievements at the 2014 annual MTV Video Music Awards.

In 2015 the husband and wife duo won a Grammy for “Drunk in Love” at the annual 57th Grammy Awards.


Beyoncé released her sixth record in 2016 called, “Lemonade” which was also a film that was aired on HBO. “Lemonade’ went straight to the number one spot on the music charts.

In her visual album that was later released on the music streaming platform, “TIDAL” paved the way for so many artists. She questions her relationship with Jay-Z, quoting from Rolling Stone Magazine, “Are you cheating on me?”

The record sheds light on different issues that she was going through personally and publicly. It also speaks volumes on a variety of social problems such as racism, culture, and woman empowerment.

The record also received attention at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards being nominated in eleven categories for her visuals on the album. That night she won eight of those awards including the award of the night, Video of the year, for her music video, “Formation”.

By winning eight awards that evening, she then became the most awarded artist to have received 24 awards collected over the years.

Beyoncé was announced to headline Coachella 2017 but unfortunately had to cancel due to doctors orders. After having to cancel her appearance Beyoncé performed at Coachella 2018 headlining both weekends. It was the most viewed, streamed and talked about Coachella performance of the year.

“The Lion King”:

The Walt Disney Company in 2018 released news that a live action remake of The Lion King was on its way to theaters. It was then confirmed by E! News that Beyoncé was indeed going to take on the role of Nala in the film.

Prior to the release of the live action remake of “The Lion King” Beyoncé released a Netflix documentary/concert film, “Homecoming.” The film received six Emmy nominations.

“The Lion King” remake directed by Jon Favreau was released in theaters on July 19, 2019. Beyoncé along with some of her cast mate Donald Glover sang together in the song, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

Favreau’s remake of “The Lion King” is available on Blu-ray/DVD Oct 22 and digitally on Oct. 11.

Over the years Beyoncé keeps using her platform to spread awareness for different controversial topics. Throughout her career and personal life she has been a role model to so many people around the world. Beyoncé is an excellent representation of her song “Formation” because her life has and still is growing with love an empowerment.