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Review: ‘Call of Duty Mobile’ blows expectations

Fans of video games agree that first-person shooters and mobile games do not work. Video game publisher, Activision has finally broken this stigma with “Call Of Duty Mobile.”

The popular FPS is the newest mobile game developed by Tencent Games and Timi Studio. “Call of Duty Mobile” is available on both iOS and Android devices requiring at least iOS 9 and Android 5.1.

The home screen of "Call of Duty Mobile" on iOS. Photo credit: Nelson Nwaukwa

“CoD Mobile” visually looks stunning allowing for console-like-graphics with over 30 frames per second. Graphic settings can also be further customized in-game with options to raise and lower graphic quality and frame rate.

The game not only looks good but the controls are also very smooth. There are two gameplay control options that both feel very natural and comfortable despite concerns being hindered by touch screen controls.

The simple mode will automatically fire for users when an enemy is caught within their crosshairs. Advanced mode gives full control to the player allowing for for the player to customize their entire user-interface. The advanced mode also removes the auto fire and designates a manual fire button.

Gameplay of multiplayer team deathmatch game mode. Photo credit: Nelson Nwaukwa

Obviously the games controls pale in comparison to its console and PC counterparts since mobile devices will never replace the classic controller or keyboard and mouse. “CoD Mobile” does a great job of working with touch controls bringing a refreshing “Call of Duty” experience on the go.

Although there is no single-player campaign yet, “CoD Mobile” offers two online game categories. The first being classic multiplayer placing two teams of five head-to-head in game modes such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy and a practice mode with computer bots.

The second online option, Battle Royale drops players into a huge arena with 100 other players having the option of playing solo, duos or in a squad of four. Players can can party up with four other friends in a lobby to play all the current modes available.

Battle Royale drops players right into the action. Photo credit: Nelson Nwaukwa

There are currently nine “Call of Duty” maps from its previous titles including Nuketown, Hijacked, Firing Range, Crash and more. As of now the only map available for the Battle Royale mode is called Isolated.

The only real concern players might find with this game is the number of microtransactions that are thrown at you right after account set up. However, unlike most free-to-play mobile games, the microtransactions in “CoD mobile” won’t give players any unfair advantages and are mostly cosmetic.

Level up screen shows progress after each match. Photo credit: Nelson Nwaukwa

Players can purchase loot boxes that can contain double XP passes and skins for various weapons and vehicles. Players also have the option of buying the premium pass for $10 and the premium pass plus for $25 that give players additional reward items for leveling up.

Although the double XP passes do allow for players to level up faster this isn’t that big of an advantage because they can be also be rewarded to players just for playing the game.

“Call of Duty Mobile” is a fun game that sheds new light on the franchise showing its versatility on the mobile. This game is a must-have for all fans of mobile first-person shooters and the call of duty franchise.