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The Hornets determined leader Kaelah Basurto

The Hornets captain Kaelah Basurto is one of the most competitive, passionate, driven players on the pitch and does so with a smile.

The Hornets captain hopes to have a long career in soccer and takes joy knowing she made the right decision coming to Fullerton College. Photo credit: Adam Aranda

Kaelah Basurto, the defensmen for the Hornets is excelling at all levels of her game as the team is sitting at a 9-2-2 record on the year. Basurto is leading the team with 10 goals on the season, three of which came in 5-1 defeat against Santa Ana college.

Basurto has played soccer for her entire life, playing on several club teams, but never for a school. Basurto was homeschool for the majority of her life, she attended several classes at Fullerton College in high school which has eased her transition to regular school.

“I always try for A’s I always want to have a 4.0, that’s always my goal,” said Basurto

Success is the main thing on her mind when she does anything, whether its sports or academics she is always striving to be better and learn more.

She is pursuing an English degree and was given reassurance from a Fullerton College Professor who recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue it. She hopes to be a teacher in the future to help those students the way she was.

Kaelah Basurto studies as much as possible to maintain her grades and do the best she can. Photo credit: Adam Aranda

Hornets head coach, Pam Lewin, expressed that she never has to worry about Kaelah academically and recognizes her drive to obtain high grades. Lewin knows that she doesn’t have to worry about Basurto attending classes, that gives her an advantage of being able to focus on the game and not worry about an ineligible player.

Her father played soccer and is a heavy influence on why she decided to play the game. Her father immigrated from Mexico and became a first-generation college student in his family and achieved his master’s degree. Her mother is a first-generation college student in her family who attended Fullerton College and achieved her bachelor’s degree. Viewing their success drives her to want success of her own and make them proud.

An athlete’s success is only as good as their habits, and for Basurto she tries to keep them as consistent as possible. She does her best to eliminate the junk food, stays focused and surprisingly watches videos before game. She watches videos of professionals and other athletes in hopes to apply that to her game.

Two of the biggest inspirations are the two biggest names in soccer, Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo. It’s easy to see why she is having success when she emulates those two in her own style of play.

Being able to play a game using only your feet is challenging, but she makes it look easy. Watching Basurto on the pitch there is typically a smile on her face, the pure joy of the game is shown through her expressions.

“I’m always looking to improve, I always want to be better I’m never satisfied with where I am, I always want to go one step higher,” Basurto said. “I got a hat-trick [against the Dons], I want to get four goals the next game.”

Kaelah Basurto always works on her skill trying out new things in hopes to apply it to her game and be better. Photo credit: Adam Aranda

Basurto doesn’t know where her next step will come from, but she does know she would like to continue her collegiate career as an athlete.

Playing at a four year is a goal she has set for herself when she entered Fullerton college. She is currently discussing possible options for her next level of play with La Verne and Cal State Los Angeles.

“I’m very focused and driven and when I set my goal’s I want to achieve that…I’m a Christian and that’s something I want people to know,” Basurto said.

Kaelah Basurto has solidified herself as one of the top players in the Hornets soccer program and continues to be a big presence when she takes the field. Not only is she driven about her game, she leads by example of what a college athlete is all about.

“She’s one of our captains and definitely a leader on the team,” Lewin said.