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Opinion: Is smoking therapy or taboo?

A therapy to ease the stress at Fullerton College for some students could be reading a book, listening to music or even playing an instrument. However, for some students therapy can be smoking.

The smoking ban was enacted in October of fall 2004 when Associated Students President, Araz Pourmorad, pitched the idea at the A.S. Senate meeting. Later that year, Associated Students had a survey take place on campus.

Questions on the survey were about having a smoke free campus and the environmental aspect that smoking had on the environment. Major issues of concern were cigarette butts and second hand smoke.

In December of 2004, after thousands that were surveyed only 1,525 results were used including staff and students. There were 538 people against the ban and 952 in favor. After those results came out, Associated Students went forward with the ban.

No smoking sign on campus Photo credit: Sayel Abousamra

Smoking on campus whether it’s a cigarette or even a vape still goes on and it still will go on regardless of a ban. More students now are smoking vapes because they are more flavorful and odorless.

“I don’t usually smoke cigarettes, I lost my vape and I need my nicotine fix,” said journalism major Robert Seltun.

Students go to a nonofficial smoking spot which is located on Chapman by the student center. The known spot is under the bridge on the outskirts of school.

Under the bridge, where the nonofficial smoking spot is, a lot of people know each other. They have become almost a smoking community and have met together to smoke for many semesters. People go there because it’s a non-judgmental area or zone. Everyone that goes there is friendly, familiar with each other, welcoming and are there for each other in times of need.

The smoking community of Fullerton College reunites in between classes or on their breaks to decompress. They talk about their days, play hackey sack and even play video games on their phones together while smoking.

Coming together to destress and to share their college experiences through smoking is seen as a bad thing to some students. Although for others students, it’s a life saver.

“My cigs are your cigs, it’s a community. If it was not for this community, id be more stressed out,” said chemistry major Nikolai Clark.

Student smoking on campus at nonofficial smoking spot Photo credit: Sayel Abousamra

Every student has to deal with problems not only at school, but at home as well. During the college experience everyone is on their own schedule and time.

School could be a very stressful environment especially for students that have goals to pursue and very difficult classes to get through. So, smoking is therapy for some people in the same way that reading a book, listening to music or playing an instrument can be.