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Movies to watch for Halloween

Capture the spirit of Halloween with these movies, there’s something for everyone to get in the mood.

There are so many great Halloween movies out there but below are just some of the great movies to get viewers into the spirit.

Some great classics by Tim Burton for Halloween are “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Beetlejuice.”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a classic Disney movie from the 90s that’s great for the whole family.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Go on an adventure with the Pumkin King, Jack Skellington as he discovers the land of Christmas. Photo credit: IMBD

Go on an adventure with the main character, Jack Skellington, into a world of Halloween where a walk through the forest leads him to discover the world of Christmas and loves it so much he tries to bring it to his Halloween town.

“Beetlejuice” is another classic from the 80s that takes viewers on a silly adventure to the world of the dead. It is great for all ages, but it may be a little scary for very little ones.

Being a silly fantasy/horror movie that is filled with lots of laughs and spooky sights, it will get you into the spirit.

The main character, Beetlejuice, is hired by a couple who is deceased to scare out the new family that has moved into their home.

Hocus Pocus
A classic Halloween Disney movie about three witches. Photo credit: IMBD

Another Disney cult classic for all ages “Hocus Pocus” where three famous witches from the 17th century in Salem get awakened by a teen who struggles to fit in, missing his home in California.

For those wanting more scary and haunting movie, “The Conjuring” is a movie that will send chills down the spine.

Paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, travel to Harrisville, Rhode Island where they are hired by a family who’s being haunted by a dark and terrifying entity.

For the fans of gore, the “Saw” movies provide an engaging story line about groups of people from different backgrounds who get kidnapped by Jigsaw and wants to teach them a lesson.

Jigsaw wants to play a game, and whoever fails to follow his rules will suffer the consequences, or worse death.

The Saw movies are very gory and may not be for light stomachs or the faint at heart.

For those classic horror fans “The Shining” from the 80s is a movie that makes the list of a must-watch for Halloween.

The Shining
A classic 80s' film where a Dad is driven mad by the entities haunting this hotel. Photo credit: IMBD

A family of three departs to an isolated hotel for the winter during an off-season for work where they have no company but each other and the sinister presences that live there and eventually drive the father to insanity and violence.

Any of these films would make a great watch for those who plan to have a movie night this Halloween. Grab some popcorn and candy and get ready for a spooktacular evening.