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Review: Selena Gomez’s new songs show self reflection and women empowerment

The world wasn’t ready but she was, Selena Gomez hits the lights and is back more powerful than ever. On October, 21 Gomez released via her social media platforms that she would be releasing a new song called “Lose You To Love Me.”

The following morning Gomez then tweeted out the release time, and date to buy her new song.

“Lose You to Love Me”:

Selena Gomez 'Lose You To Love Me" Photo via her Instagram 2019 Photo credit:

The song reflects on her years of dating and dealing with life coming to the realization that in the thick of it all she stopped loving her self.

The song was co-written by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter and directed by Sophie Muller who has worked on Gomez’s other previous projects.

The music video for “Lose You to Love Me” was shot entirely on an iPhone 11 Pro during Gomez’s music video the hashtag #shotoniphone appears on the screen.

The video is black and white showing her face head on. Throughout the video the singer is showing different emotions such as distress, anger, love and lust. The effects using the iPhone and filming the video in black and white represents that not everything is what people see or say.

Gomez sings, “I gave you my all and they all knew it/ You turned me down and now it’s showing/ In two months, you replaced us/ Like it was easy/ Made me think I deserved it/ In the thick of healing, yeah.”

The song seems to be about her last relationship with ex- boyfriend of nearly 10 years, Justin Bieber. Gomez and Bieber ended their relationship in March of 2018.

Just by listening to the lyrics this song is not only a breakup song but it’s a farewell to her old self. Throughout the process of making new music it seems Gomez has reconnected to herself as a human and has also started to love herself even more.

Gomez’s message from this song is encouraging for others to know that there is no shame in re-discovering yourself as a human being.

What can be taken away from the song is that everyone goes through different battles in life and just life her people can overcome their hardships.

This song shows that Gomez is ready for a new start to life as a performer and as a human who loves herself even more.

“Look at Her Now”:

Cover photo for Selena Gomez's "Look At Her Now" single.

The following day Gomez dropped another song track called, “Look At Her Now.” Her new song is more bright, colorful and energetic. From streaming the track, the lyrics, vibe, sound and attitude shows Gomez showing her playful yet serious side.

Gomez’s new track was written by herself with Ian Kirkpatrick along with previous writers Michaels and Tranter.

The meaning of the song or subject is to again show herself in a different view point then the rest of her previous projects she’s done or has been a part of.

In the music video she shows that she’s still learning and discovering herself although a celebrity she is human after all

From the start of the video there’s neon lights and mirrors showing Gomez’s own self while dancing and singing. She’s also smiling showing that she’s genuinely back and loving life again.

As for the visuals of the video, it looks like a Selena Gomez style music video. In her past videos there’s always some glitter, sparkly outfits and color; but most importantly the visuals are what makes her videos unforgettable.

As for Gomez’s message in her second song, it continues to show what she learned from her own past and her past relationship. It speaks on how long it took her to finally realize what was right in front of her.

Her song is powerful by Gomez looking at her past mistakes and moving forward from what she has learned from the pain of heartache. She shows how strong she has become since her fans last saw her.

In her video she’s dancing surrounded by dancers who happen to be all women. Gomez is showing that women can be strong and sometimes fragile.

Comparing the two music videos both voice her emotions of her past to present self although the lyrics are different they still talking about the same subject. “Lose You To Love Me” is darker and straight to the point while “Look At Her Now” screams energy, women empowerment. It shows that the singer may have had her battles but this time she’s not letting anything get in her way.

Link to buy “Lose You To Love Me” :

Link to buy “Look At Her Now” :