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Missed opportunities haunt the Hornets in loss to Irvine Valley College

The Hornets lost to the Irvine Valley College Lasers 2-1 Wednesday after missed shots and abandoned goals from the Hornets.

The first half began with IVC pressing the Hornets on defense and suffocating them on any drives they made toward the goal.

Hornets goalie Monica Balos abandoned her goal attempting to kick the ball down field but instead kicked the ball to Lasers Marissa Banos. Banos took aim and scored at an unattended goal giving the lasers a 1-0 lead in the first half.

At the start of the second half, the Hornets offense was determined to attack the Lasers offensively.

Alyssa Gallardo drives towards the goal attempting to put her team in positions to score. Photo credit: Adam Aranda

Leading the offensive charge was forward Morgan Dack, as the Lasers defense did everything in their power to prevent Dack from scoring.

Hornets Dack scored from an assist by middle Jaqueline Ramirez tying the game at 1-1.

Throughout the rest of the half, the Hornets took desperate shot attempts to try and take the lead. Four of the six missed shots in the game came from defender Kaelah Basurto.

“We had opportunities and we really just didn’t capitalize on them,” said head coach Pam Lewin.

As the second half drew closer to the end, it seemed like the game would remain tied. The Hornets offense didn’t score on any of their shots, but did prevent the Lasers from gaining the upper hand.

The tie would be broken in the last five minutes of play when Hornets goalie Balos again abandoned the goal this time to attempt gaining possession of the ball. Lasers defender Sachi Sinah saw her opportunity and easily scored with an open shot puting the Lasers on top 2-1.

By the time the Hornets regained possession of the ball, it was too late. Two minutes left in the game were not enough for them to mount a comeback and the game ended with the Lasers winning 2-1.

Dack, the only Hornet that scored, insisted the chaos and consistency of balls in the air kept the Hornets from playing the offense they desired.

Audrey Ochoa waits for the ball to hit the ground as Irvine's strategy was to keep it in the air. Photo credit: Adam Aranda

“I think that when we play a team like this where they play kickball a lot, we lose our style of play,” said Dack. “It took until the second half where we could play our style and get more chances [to score].”

The Hornets will get another opportunity to refine their offensive strategy when they next play at Santa Ana College on Friday, Nov. 1. at 3 p.m.