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Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922

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Dice House Games: a local tabletop gaming shop in Fullerton

Dice House is a local business that was started by Tuan Le in April 2008 that primarily sells board games, tabletop role playing games and playing cards for “Magic the Gathering.”

Le initially worked at The Game Castle, located in the shopping center across the street from his current store in Fullerton. After they closed down he had been in the business for so long that he wanted to open his own store close to the same community.

Owner Tuan Le helping a customer at Dice House Games. Photo credit: Ann Lipot

“My mission plan when I first opened was to create a community. It’s important to care about the community,” said Le.

The store is filled from floor to ceiling with board games, RPG books and mini figurines. In the middle of the store is five to six tables lined with chairs that the customers can use to play games.

During the week, Le has tables in the store that he opens to the community to come in and play board games and “Magic the Gathering.” The tables are free and are first come first serve, unless there is a tournament scheduled then the tables are reserved.

Dice House has tables dedicated for customers to come in and play board games ever Sunday. People are welcome to bring their own games or, choose from the selection that is in the store to try out for free. Le carries games that are tailored for parents and kids to play together.

On Thursdays, the tables are dedicated for groups who want to come in and play tabletop RPGs, which also appear to be making a comeback amidst the current day video game culture. Le commented, “I have parents that will come in to buy the starter kit for Dungeons & Dragons because their kids watched the Netflix show Stranger Things.”

Dice House does not pay for advertisement but does put in the time to have a social media presence. Most of the people that come into the store have heard about it by word of mouth from previous customers that shopped there.

There are also international customers that have found them through social media. Le mentioned he has gotten customers from Brazil, Korea, and Australia that come in once a year to buy games from him.

Members of the gaming community at game night at Dice House games. Photo credit: Ann Lipot

Dice House is continually getting new customers, there is an increase when college starts up each year from the new students in the community looking for a gaming store. It has also started several social media groups on Facebook where other game players can go to things people to play with and have a place to talk as well.

Dice House Games is located at 2493 E Chapman Ave Fullerton, California. Open Monday – Saturday 11 a.m.- 9 p.m and Sunday 11 a.m.- 8 p.m.