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Movie Review: ‘Doctor Sleep’ is the sequel fans have waited four decades to see

Thirty-nine years have elapsed since Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed master piece “The Shining” debuted. The first installment is regarded as one of the greatest horror films of all time. “Doctor Sleep” is the long-anticipated sequel to the original.

Ewan McGregor as Dan Torrance, is an individual who suppresses his psychological powers referred to as the shine. Rebecca Ferguson is “Rose the Hat,” a tediously persistent cult leader of a group of quasi-immortals known as the True Knot. Kyliegh Curran plays Abra Stone a teenager with supernatural powers.

Image 11-10-19 at 3.19 AM.jpg
Kyliegh Curran (Left, as Abra Stone), and Ewan McGregor (Right, as Danny Torrance) Are standing in the main stairway to the Overlook Hotel ready for battle. Photo credit: IMDB

Mike Flanagan is a 41-year-old, American born, film director, editor, and screen writer. His work includes “Oculus,” “The Haunting of Hill House,” “HUSH,” “OUIJA Origin of Evil” and the film adaptation of “Gerald’s Game.” This master film maker specializes in horror flicks and is also known for his hands on editing.

This is Flanagan’s second time directing a Stephen King adaptation having delivered his chilling vision of “Gerald’s Game.” Flanagan is a modern day horror maestro best known for his ghost stories, nuances of grief and trauma in his terror projects.

What stood out was how Dan faced his greatest fear by returning to The Overlook Hotel in order to save the life of his new teenage friend Abra Stone. The trauma Torrance endured as a child at the haunted resort changed the trajectory of his life.

Image 11-10-19 at 2.56 AM.jpg
The True Knot crew getting ready to consume the steam. Robert Longstreet, Zahn McClarnon, Carel Struycken, James Flanagan, Emily Alyn Lind, Catherine Parker, Selena Anduze, and Met Clark. Photo credit: IMDB

The pace of the film is slow and steady but flows beautifully, the shots linger on screen for just the right amount of time. It is extremely unsettling and great at giving you the creeps. The movie has some jump scares and lots of flash back scenes to the past.

The Shining cost $19 million to produce in 1980. “Doctor Sleep” had a $45 million budget. Four decades later the new adaptation cost $26 million more than the popular iconic film. The new scare flick is a lengthy two and half-hours long.

This new remake has made $5.2 million in domestic ticket sales and $10.8 million worldwide. “Doctor Sleep” will take the number two movie in the U.S. this Veterans Day weekend.

“Doctor Sleep” manages to incorporate the aspects from both Stephen King’s Novel & Stanley Kubrick’s Film. This installment is four decades in the making and is worth seeing.