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Movie Review: ‘Charlies Angels’ are back and rebooted to kick some butt

The angels are back and ready to conquer in their new reboot of “Charle’s Angels” having big boots to fill for fans of the series.

The film stars Naomi Scott who played as Elena, Kristen Stewart as Sabena and Ella Balinska as Jane did a remarkable job with each of their roles.

Asskicking Pose.jpg
Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska ready to kick some butt in "Charle's Angels" reboot. Photo credit: IMDB

All three characters were unique in their own way Elena played the smart one, Sabena as the dorky one and Jane as the tough one. They all complimented each other and showed how women should empower one another even if they aren’t alike.

Looking back at the last two films Charlies angels and Charlie’s angels: Full Throttle they both had very similar story lines although the first two were more original than the new Charlie’s angels, this 2019 one was still a hit.

Although there were new faces to this new film, no one forgot the actresses from the previous films. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui were very similar to the cast that the director Elizabeth Banks chose.

All cast members have strong roles and tough girl acts making the movie that much more interesting.

The rebooted film was directed by Elizabeth Banks previously mentioned making the film was a ton of pressure to make the film perfect because of the previous films. Banks is still growing as a director with her previous films being “Pitch Perfect 2” and “Movie 43.”

Banks ready in take on the challenge as director. Photo credit:

Even though Banks was the director that didn’t stop her from taking a part as a main character in the film. Banks played Bosley being the first time to have Bosley played as a female.

Bosley was played by two different men in the previous films Bill Murray in the 2000 film and the late Bernie Mac in the 2003 sequel. Banks did a phenomenal job portraying a female Bosley.

The length of the film was perfect and had the audience at the edge of their seats most of the time. The hour and fifty-eight minutes went by quickly with its non-stop action.

The budget of the film was $48 million dollars compared to the budget to the 2000 film was $75 million and $120 million for its sequel. The movie also struggled in this weekends box office only grossing $8,750,000 making it a disappointing opening.

Charles Angels although a sleeper this weekend it is still worth seeing in theaters for its over the top special effects and action.