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Review: Harry styles fans get a taste of his new song ‘Watermelon Sugar’

Harry Styles dropped his second song “Watermelon Sugar” on Nov. 16 as he hit the Saturday Night Live stage to host and perform. Fans have been eager to listen to his new track as he’s been teasing the newly released song.

The new track comes from Styles second album as a solo artist, “Fine Line,” which is set to hit stores and online music platforms Friday, Dec. 13.

In October, Styles dropped his first single off of his album “Lights Up,” which peaked at No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Harry Styles performing "Watermelon Sugar" on NBC's Saturday Night Live on Saturday, Nov. 16. Photo credit: Will Heath & instagram

Watermelon Sugar:

When listening to the song for the first time, it’s one of those songs that has to be on repeat to fully grasp onto the song lyrically.

The first verse of the song, Styles is singing about what strawberries taste like; metaphorically speaking, he’s singing about a past relationship, who smelled or tasted of strawberries and watermelons.

Styles rarely reveals what his songs are about; he likes to leave it up to his fans to think what they will about what he writes.

“Strawberries on a summer evenin’/ Baby, you’re the end of June/ I want your belly and that summer feelin’/ Getting washed away in you…”

The song is playful, soulful, and sexy. Even though the song is during the wintertime, it’s a summer vibe song.

Picture this, its the middle of summer, the suns about to set and all of a sudden these lyrics start to play through the car speakers.

“Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’/ And it sounds just like a song/ I want more berries and that summer feelin’/ It’s so wonderful and warm…”

Fans will hear subtle acoustic guitar strings, along with wind and brass instruments that give the song personality.

There is no set time as to when Styles will release the music video to the song.

The artist has already announced on social media a one night only event at the Los Angeles Forum for the album’s release.

Fans can expect to get their dose of a “Watermelon Sugar” high when Styles hits the stage in Birmingham, UK, on April 15, 2020.