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7 Holiday Punk Songs We’ll Be Listening to this Christmas

The holidays are usually a time of festive cheer, but when combined with the rebellious nature of punk rock, something new takes shape. From 1977 to today, many punk artists have made their own version of these timeless songs. Punk rock has a rebellious attitude to go against the norm and stand out, which is what all of these artists have done to the standard Christmas song you would hear on the radio.

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MxPx “Punk Rawk Christmas” – 2009

MxPx released the song “Punk Rawk Christmas” in 2009 via Rock City Recording Company. The song opens with guitars slamming on power chords that are very loud and a harmony of people singing “Nananana-nanana.” The lyrics are about someone who is struggling to afford presents for the holiday and seeking to find Christmas cheer.

Descendents – “Christmas Vacation” – 1987

The Descendents have never shied away from showing their Christmas Spirit. “Christmas Vacation” is a song about heartbreak and how the holiday spirit can be taken away from you during the holiday.

Ramones – “Merry Christmas” (I don’t want to Fight Tonight) – 1988

The Ramones might be the most iconic and influential band in punk rock. Singer Jeffrey Ross Hyman, more famously known as Joey Ramone, wrote this song about avoiding conflict with his significant other during Christmastime and not wanting to fight because of the holiday.

The Vandals – “Oi To The World” – 1996

“Oi To The World” is a classic Christmas punk rock ballad. The Vandals pay tribute to punk rock by the phrase “Oi!” said continuously throughout the song. “Oi!” goes back to the early roots of punk rock from the 70s. The song is about a boy named Haji facing discrimination from a group of skinheads until he decided to stick up for himself and fight back.

The Kinks “Father Christmas” – 1978

“Father Christmas,” written by The Kinks, refers to children asking Santa Claus for money instead of toys for Christmas to help their families:

“Father Christmas, give us the money

Don’t mess around with those silly toys

We’ll beat you up if you don’t hand it over”

The Dickies “Silent Night” – 1979

The Dickies have taken over the show with the famous song “Silent Night” and have created their own punk rock masterpiece. Right away, the song opens with a loud fast guitar. Midway through the song, the band constructed a guitar solo followed by a reverb echo.

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Blink-182 “I won’t be home for Christmas” – 2001

Blink-182 made their own version of the song “I’ll be home for Christmas,” titled “I won’t be home for Christmas.” Throughout the song, Hoppus explains that he’d rather be left alone throughout this joyous holiday with the lyrics: “It’s Christmas time again. It’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand. All year I’m growing tired of all this Christmas cheer.”