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KBPK Radio ushers in a new era after 50 years

For years, the prominent KBPK signage has graced the front of its studio rooms in the 1300 building, but Fullerton College’s radio station will join the rest of the multimedia family in the 700 building, upgrading its studio with state-of-the-art equipment. The college radio program has been providing students with professional training, practices, and equipment, and has brought many students into broadcasting careers over the last half-century.

In honor of this milestone, The Hornet talked with some of the personnel ushering in the new era of KBPK.

The iconic KBPK signage outside the 1300 building. KBPK has been broadcasting for 50 years.
The iconic KBPK signage outside the 1300 building. KBPK has been broadcasting for 50 years. Photo credit: Cyrus Burton

Joseph Pavlenko began as a student in the program, then worked at the station as an hourly and a volunteer before becoming the operations manager in 2019. He is responsible for the daily operations of the station, such as the selection of music, scheduling the on-air shifts of the news, and announcing students. Pavlenko oversees internship students and ensures that all adhere to responsible broadcast standards and practices.

man at radio console eating lunch
KBPK Operations Manager Joseph Pavlenko working in his office during lunchtime. He oversees all of KBPK's output. Photo credit: Dana Rose Crystal

The brunt of the move will take place in the summer of 2023 in time for classes next fall. In the meantime, Pavlenko will look for ways to continue modernizing the station. “I believe the radio program is going through curriculum review, maybe increasing scope, investigating terrestrial radio and there’s another side of broadcasting that’s live-streaming or audio podcasting,” he said.

Pavlenko created his own podcast while interning at the station back in 2015, and plans to give more time to podcast production. “Part of the reason for the move closer to the multimedia family,” Pavlenko said. “We’re working towards multimedia podcasts and a live-streaming space, a bonus room we’ll get, a bigger classroom.”

KBPK assistant manager Ryan Osborn, filling out station log in KBPK main studio #1 at current studio in 1300 building
KBPK assistant manager Ryan Osborn, filling out station log in the KBPK main studio 1 in the 1300 building. Photo credit: Dana Rose Crystal

Lab clerk Ryan Osborn started with the KBPK sports program and is now associated with one of the station’s podcasts, “The Coach’s Show.” He and Pavlenko occasionally do remote broadcasts on-campus events, such as Dia de los Muertos or live sports events where they interview students. Broadcasts air live on the station or are uploaded to KBPK’s YouTube channel.

“It’s just a different perspective of what’s going on campus and gives us an opportunity to not only showcase the station here, but also gives us the opportunity to help give students a remote experience,” says Osborn.

woman at audio recording console
KBPK student intern Michelle Badeau at the studio 3 console, in the 1300 building, creating an assignment for CRTV 122, Radio Production. Photo credit: Dana Rose Crystal

One student who helps with some of these remote broadcasts is Michelle Badeau, who achieved her associate degree with high honors in broadcast news. Badeau, a mother of two, returned to study radio announcing and is currently an intern at the station.

“I thought radio would be interesting, and I love being a part of it, and I love being able to intern here at KBPK. I’ve learned so much from Joseph and Ryan and the studio is just amazing,” said Badeau. “Seeing the students come in and out and have access to the recording rooms and having the ability to learn hands-on is just tremendous.”

The official celebration of KBPK’s anniversary is not yet scheduled, but will likely be celebrated next year along with the hundredth-anniversary celebration of The Hornet News Media program.