Pedro Pascal: The actor Hollywood didn’t know it needed


Chilean American actor Pedro Pascal became an overnight heartthrob in Hollywood and internet sensation. Photo credit: Aydan Azzara

Aydan Azzara, Staff Writer

Pedro Pascal, the forty-seven year old Chilean American actor, has graced our screens with his talented array of characters. He has become an internet sensation over the course of the last few months simply from being a light-hearted person off set and in his interviews.

He is being recognized globally with his performance in “The Last Of Us,” a game to film adaptation streaming on HBO Max, but his previous work is just as binge-worthy.

From playing a prince of a ruling family, to a DEA agent on the case, to a bounty hunter with a responsibility, Pascal has truly put in his time and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

He started his path to acting during his high school education at Orange County School of the Arts and continued studying acting at New York University.

Like most stars, Pascal had to start somewhere, and his fans have recently helped dig up one of his early gigs in the once popular show “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Since then, he has been asked in interviews if he remembers anything from that day of filming and he responds delightedly to tell the tale.

Also mentioned in that same interview, is his meme circling the web of him and his co-star Nicholas Cage in the movie “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.”

Pascal has been doing small gigs since the late 90s, but his claim to fame was his debut in the multi-award winning show “Game Of Thrones.” This show still has buzz after years of post production and has been critically claimed to be one of the best TV series of all time. Pascal may not have a lead role, but his scene-stealing presence has brought numerous fans to believe he was a key asset to the show.

Following his charismatic performance in “Game of Thrones” Pascal shifted his gears to play a determined DEA agent in the Netflix show “Narcos.” Pascal is the character with the most appearances in the show, landing a spot in every single episode. This makes “Narcos” a great show to add to your watch-list if you are a fan of his.

Pascal revealed to the world that he was the man behind the helmet, and the Star Wars fans went off the wall. It is hard to please the die-hard Star Wars fans due to their dedication of precision in all of the new shows and films, but Pascal seemed to knock their socks off with “The Mandalorian.”

He portrays a character with such love and compassion for a tiny space creature and their enjoyable journey through the galaxy leaves fans glued to the screen.

The new season has already hit Disney Plus as of March first and it’s bringing fans their token of joy once again. Fans can expect the lovable duo to bring a smile to everyone’s face once-more as they travel faster than light in hyperspace together.

It’s not news that Pascal is enchanting all with his accurate performance in HBO Max’s recent adaptation of previously known video game, “The Last of Us.” Fans have been posting side by side comparisons of the detailed work Pascal put into this character, showing his true dedication and respect to the role.

Following his recent internet fame from the show, Pascal has been recently very in touch with his Gen Z fans, which led to him becoming the honorary father to all. Most people noticed the true comfort his younger co-star Bella Ramsey feels working with him. She has nothing but great things to say about him and has mentioned how much of a father figure Pascal is to her.

Recently, Ramsey attended the Jimmy Kimmel Show and he popped the question, “How attached are you to Pedro?” She then responded, “I’m pretty attached. Pretty unhealthily attached to him.”

Pascal is managing to receive only positive reaction in the media right now and this looks like it will continue to be an on-going trend. The love is well-deserved, so now is the time to jump on the Pedro Pascal train and watch what he has to offer.