Regional Mexican Music is becoming more appreciated by Americans


Regional Mexican music has recently dominated the music libraries of many Americans to the point where these artists are getting some of music’s biggest awards. Photo credit: Gerardo Chagolla

Evelyn Salazar, Staff Writer

Regional Mexican music has always been around, but is being widely appreciated and heavily listened to now more than ever. With the music being fresh and new, a lot of artists are breaking history on the top Latin and global charts.

Many have been talking about Mexican Lebanese artist named Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma. He has been putting Regional Mexican music on the top charts all around the world. His sound has captivated audiences, using instruments such as tololoche, requinto guitars, and trombones and his unique tone of his voice to set himself apart.

These are just two important factors that help contribute to his success being number one on the Billboard Latin Hot 100 charts. The song Ella Baila Sola, in which he is featured in, instantly became loved by the platform TikTok.​​​​ His release was nothing short of an immediate success, and it shows on the charts. He was also on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show as the first regional artist to ever be invited and perform.

Speaking of top charting artists, the Texas Mexican American group Grupo Frontera, took over TikTok with their popular cover of No Se Va by Morat. The song was used a total of 1.1 million times by users.

Their newest release Un x100to features artist Bad Bunny. This collaboration blended two in different genres of Latin music and took over the charts. This unexpected release was a hit with it being the number 1 song in the world within a few days of its release. The song is number two on the Top 50 Global on Spotify.

Last but not least we cannot forget about the women in the Regional Mexican genre. Although there are a few, one of these Mexican American women has made Billboard chart history.

This artist is none other than Angela Aguilar, a third-generation talent in her family. She is considered to be Regional Mexican royalty and has proven that and more. Her mariachi song “Ahi Donde Me Ven” made chart history for women in the industry.

She still continues to top the charts with songs from the year 2020 through now. She is a hard worker that continues to give mariachi music the representation that it deserves.

I hope that with this information future readers could give regional Mexican music the acknowledgment that it deserves and, hopefully, the genre continues to grow more and represent Mexico in the right way.