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Photo Credit: Bailey Holiver/ L.A. Galaxy

Everyone knows the diehard sports fans who attend games religiously and seem to think liking their team is a personality trait, but being a “super-fan” consists of a lot more than just that. A super-fan is someone who dedicates time, money, and overall effort to their team. 

Scott Benitez gained admiration for the LA Galaxy soccer team in 1996 when his father took him to his first game at the Rose Bowl. “The rest was history…I have all kinds of old jerseys from 1997-2020,” says Benitez. 

“Certainly, the people you meet are the best benefit of being a fan, they’re like family and they all share a passion for the club,” says Benitez. 

Benitez has traveled to several states, such as Ohio, Texas, Washington and more to see his team play. A special experience was watching the Galaxy win the MLS Cup Final at StaplesCenter with his father. His father’s reaction was “wonderful,” says Benitez, “the first championship will always mean the most to us.” In 2014, Benitez spent a plane ride back from Seattle with the Galaxy team and was able to chat with a few members of the team. The most memorable was with Landon Donovan who gave him advice on soccer. 

Much like Benitez, Jason Stewart  bonded with family members over their love for the Dodgers. Stewart claims he was born and raised to be a Dodgers fan much like his father. “I’ve probably been to around 150 games in my life,” says Stewart. 

Being a super-fan collecting memorabilia is a must, “I collect Dodger hats these days, I have about 20 or so,” says Stewart. Stewarts hat collection is worn for fashion. The hats Stewart has owned the longest do have sentimental value. 

When facing rivalry, he and his wife expect to be greeted by angry fans, however they are always left surprised by the kindness of others. The opposing fans were friendly and would joke around with Stewart and his wife. They were nice and for Stewart, this made the game enjoyable.  

As a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers official fan page on Facebook many fans don’t understand that “baseball is a game of failure, I am much more positive about all aspects of the team,” says Stewart. 

Watching the Dodgers was a bond between him and his father who has passed away. “I not only lost my best friend, but I lost my Dodger partner,” a year later he met his wife, “She didn’t replace him, but she became my new Dodger partner,” says Stewart. He also explains that he is eager to travel more for the team with his wife.

Being a super-fan creates strong bonds between people, and the love for the sport doesn’t diminish despite any loss or obstacles these two super-fans have faced. “Win, lose or tie we always have to have the teams back,” says Benitez.