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OC musician Andrés Aparicio sings about growing up in Bakersfield before crowds of hundreds of fans


“I got into rock bands when I was in fifth grade. I’d watch their music videos on TV everyday, religiously. I was obsessed with the My Chemical Romance music video for their song ‘I’m Not Okay’ and how they were just rocking out like their lives depended on it,” recalls local musician Andrés Aparicio. “From then on, I knew that’s what I wanted to do with my life.”

Andres taking the stage at the Boardwalk in
Orangevale, California. He says he performs
better in front of a high energy crowd. Photo by Rene Lopez

Aparicio started his musical career in 2017, when he moved to Orange County and created his band Andrés, making music that’s a smooth incorporation of pop, jazz, rock and Latin influence.

Throughout the past three years,  Andrés, 26, has managed to go on tour across the U.S. about four times a year but has also toured around the United Kingdom once, performing anywhere from 20-30 shows per tour. Andrés and his backup band have opened up for artists such as the popular rockband Hoobastank and well-known post-hardcore band The Fall of Troy. Aparicio’s band has also headlined numerous shows.

Since the start of his career, Aparicio has worked his way up to start touring and performing with big artists. Last December, after opening up for The Fall of Troy, he got the lead singer of Issues, a popular metalcore band, to feature on one of his songs. 

Because of those milestones, Aparicio finds himself performing for crowds that push the room capacity. “I usually play at rock clubs throughout the country,” says Aparicio. “Depending on how many popular bands are on the bill that night, the attendance for shows I play also range between 200-500.” Turns out Aparicio performs better when he is in front of a high energy crowd. “I love the stage! I’m an attention whore,” said Aparicio. He says the vibe of the crowd helps increase his excitement. 

Aparicio explains that he loves touring around the country because he gets to see different cities. Bakersfield, Sacramento, Anaheim, Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia and Chicago are Aparicio’s favorite cities to perform in. Frequent touring also helps keep his fan base growing. “Playing in a city I don’t live in and hearing a whole crowd sing along to songs I wrote in my bedroom is memorable to me and I always hold those moments dear to my heart,” he says. Before his shows Aparicio does a casual ritual which includes drinking alcohol and warming up his fingers and voice.

A field trip to the local symphonic orchestra in Bakersfield with his second grade class sparked his interest in the violin, which blossomed into the passion he now has for all music. “It was like a very theatrical production where people were dressed as swans and dancing while the symphonic orchestra was playing, and seeing the dancing and costumes and the musicians all coming together in harmony like that really left a big impression on me as a little kid,” said Aparicio. This inspiring visit not only sparked his interest in music, it has also influenced many of his own songs. In his song, “A Child’s Garden of Verses” he incorporates that memory by using synthesis orchestra instrumentation as the melody of the song.

Playing in cities he doesn’t live in and hearing a whole crowd sing along to songs he wrote in his bedroom is something Andres holds close. Photo by Rene Lopez

Although he is now a local to Orange County, Andrés originated from Bakersfield, which he pays tribute to in most of his songs and in his most recent album “Once Upon a Time in Bakersfield.” Wanting to be closer to his music producer and other touring musicians encouraged Aparicio’s move to Orange County. Ever since the move Aparicio has won over the locals with his rich tone that fits his melodic writing patterns. When asked who inspires him musically, Aparicio said, “Drake. All day long, he’s been inspiring me since 2008. His honesty, his vulnerability, his emotion. It’s my jam!” He hopes that like Drake, his musical career will lead him to the Grammys.

Aparicio is in the process of working on new music to release this year. “I’m going to save up a good budget for a few good music videos to help promote the album,” said Aparicio. He has decided that he is going to focus on writing a whole new album and use this time off tour to make the best songs he can.