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Quick and Healthy Recipes for Busy College Students

You just got out of your 3-hour night class. It’s late, you’re hungry and you won’t get paid for two more days. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


These money-saving but flavorful recipes will keep cash in your pockets and your belly full. Instead of relying on fast food, these cheap and fulfilling meals provide a healthy and delicious alternative.


Butternut Squash Mini Pizzas 

Everyone likes pizza and with this pizza, there is a bit of a twist with the butternut squash sauce that adds a healthy aspect to it. Photo by Alexcia E. Negrete

You can get all the ingredients for this recipe at Target for under $15. You’ll have leftover marinara sauce if you want to double it or save for another meal during the week. You can use big chunks of tomatoes or small ones sprinkled over the whole pizza. Make it your own!




1 24-oz jar of butternut squash marinara sauce

1 small tomatoes

1 pack of 2 5-oz organic pizza crusts 

1 8-oz pack of low-fat mozzarella cheese 


A healthier option is to use cauliflower pizza crust, instead of the organic pizza crust . 




Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Dice the tomatoes 

Place pizza crusts on baking sheet 

Spread an even amount of marinara sauce on pizza crusts 

Evenly sprinkle cheese all around pizzas 

Spread diced tomatoes on top

Put pizzas into the oven for 30 minutes 

Wait for the pizzas to cool before cutting into fours even slices


This noodle stir fry is quick and easy to make for anyone who is in a rush and loves bell peppers and onions.

Noodle Stir fry 

This recipe uses ingredients that most people already have in their pantry and refrigerator. So if you don’t have time to get to the store, you can still forage in your kitchen for a healthy meal. If you don’t have green onions or peppers you can sub in whatever fresh or frozen veggies you have handy.




2 packs of Maruchan top ramen noodles 

2 green onions 

1/4 bell pepper 

2 pieces of thinly sliced deli turkey 


A healthier option for this dish is instead of using Maruchan top ramen noodles use regular spaghetti noodles because they are less salty.




Boil 4 cups water in a medium-sized pot 

Wait for water to boil, then add noodles 

Chop onions and bell pepper

Slice deli turkey 

After about 3 minutes, drain the water from the noodles but leave a little in the pot 

Pour the noodles and water into a bowl, sprinkle seasoning packet in and mix until noodles are fully seasoned 

Top with onions, bell pepper and turkey 


Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

This quick and easy baked mac ‘n cheese is made with a few simple ingredients is perfect for anyone who is in a rush.

If your family makes special mac ‘n’ cheese during the holidays but during the rest of the year you don’t have time, this recipe allows you to relive the moment. But preparation only takes half the time. This is not your everyday boxed meal, but it’s just as easy to make.




1 box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese 

2 bags of sharp cheddar shredded cheese 


If you want a healthier alternative, use cauliflower noodles. You can even use less cheese, even though cheese is amazing. Instead of using the bags of sharp cheddar cheese you can just use the Velveeta cheese.





Put a medium pot of water on to boil 

Once water is ready add in the box of noodles but leave out the Velveeta cheese 

When noodles are done, drain the water but leave the noodles in the pot 

Add pack of Velveeta cheese and stir until cheese is fully mixed in 

Add everything from the pot to a microwave-safe bowl 

Sprinkle shredded cheddar cheese all over the dish until it’s fully covered 

Microwave for 2 minutes until cheddar cheese is melted and bubbling* 

*If you have an oven available, you can preheat the oven to 350 degrees and put the dish in for 25 minutes or until the cheese is golden brown.