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Musical brings jazz to life

The mood for the evening was full of energy and applause as the curtain rose for the opening night of Ragtime the Musical Oct. 17.

The curtains rose exposing the performers in their opening scene positions. The lights were dim as the theater filled with music coming from the orchestra. A spotlight appeared in the middle of the stage on a little boy queuing him to present the opening line.

“The show went phenomenal. It was so good. Everyone left it all on the stage. I think I did awesome, but I know I could always do better,” said Brittany Logan, who played the part of Sarah.

The stage was not only filled with actors but with a sturdy set that took up the entire stage.

Actors walked, ran and danced along the provided platforms filling the whole stage with energy and movement. During the middle of very intense or funny scenes, the audience showed their appreciation by applauding.

“Opening night was the best it could’ve gone. Everyone was enthusiastic, the stage was perfect, every actor brought life on stage. I’m very humbled by being on this amazing show. Everyone was amazing and the show was amazing. I’m just on a high,” said James Oronoz, who played the part of Coalhouse.

The props used in the show seemed to move effortlessly across the stage. There were no strings, wires or stage crew members present, that anyone could see. All the props used seemed to be moving by themselves into and out of the scenes.

Background images were displayed on the backdrop creating the feel of different locations the performers ended up visiting.

“I think the show went really well. It was epic. So many different things happened in the show, but

we have the best techs that can handle all of that. We have such a strong team, especially the off stage team,” said Sam Kostka, who played the part of Standford White.

A model T Ford car driven by Coalhouse was used in varies scenes. The costumes were very era timely which helped to make the scenes come to life.

After the musical concluded the actors all appeared on stage one last time to do a farewell bow. The audience members gave a standing ovation, showing their appreciation of the work that was put on stage. There were family and friends waiting near the side of the theater to give hugs and flowers to the performers.

Mercedes Cademartori, a Cal Poly Pomona student said,

“I came to see my best friend play the trumpet. It was beautiful and very relevant. I think every American should see this. It goes through very real struggles. There’s always a struggle for equality. The meaning of justice can be perceived differently.”

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