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National Take a Hike Day Nov 17

Grab your shoes, water and a buddy and get out on National Take a Hike day Nov. 17.

With the holiday temptations around the corner, what better way to get a head start than taking part on Take a Hike Day.

There are many places to hike in Southern California, from your local park to a hidden trail near the mountains, the trails are endless.

There are a number of trails in Orange County; many are pet and family friendly and are a great way to get in touch with nature.

A popular trail students say they find themselves going back to is Turnbull Canyon in Whittier. The four mile trail is part of the Puente Hills Preserve and has a great view of the city.

It is great for working out or walking with family and pets. The hike is an east west canyon and has some steep drainage.

“I know many of my friends have gone to Turnbull canyon and its a great hiking trail, I defiantly want to hike more on my free time,” said Jennifer Ramirez.

If you are looking for a more challenging hike Hellman Park in Whittier is great for cardio and legs. It will get your blood pumping and body sweating, be sure to take a water or a camelback to stay hydrated.

Hellman park 4.7 miles long located right next to Turnbull Canyon and has about three major steep hills. However there are many different paths that lead you to the top of the trail.

Ramirez has recently started working out and says hiking is a great way to get active.

Business major Alex Leyva says he works out almost every day but enjoys hiking on his days off. He usually tags along with friends and enjoys trails by the beach.

His favorite hikes have been in Laguna beach, he says those trails have the best views.

“There is nothing like working out by the water, its always a cool experience,” said Ramirez.

Alta Laguna Park located in Laguna Beach is a great trail with a beautiful beach view. There are a few caves along the trail facing the water with art painted on the rocks.

Antonia Sagrero says he also enjoys hiking trails by the beach and a city view. One of his go to places to hike is the Griffith park hiking trail in Los Angeles which has a great view of the Hollywood sign.

The hike has over 53 miles of trails on 4310 acres of rugged terrain. Sagrero says he enjoys the scenery of hiking and wishes to discover more hike trails.

“Going with friends and finding a cool spot is always fun, maybe this weekend i’ll try and make it out to a trail,” said Sagrero.

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