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Fullerton College community gives back this holiday season

Fullerton College has had a reputation of helping its students with, not just getting a well deserved education but also helping those students relieve some stress from the holidays.

F.C’s Health Services’ Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive has been helping students and their families enjoy the holidays since 1971.

For the last 45 years, F.C’s Health Services collects and puts away food every year to help its students have a nice family gathering and give hope to those that feel alone during this time of the year.

The food drive has made a significant impact helping those enrolled in programs, like E.O.P.S. [Extended Opportunity Program and Services], CalWorks and Foster Youth Program.

Julian Cardenas began as a volunteer for two years, before being hired on. He Is in charge of keeping track of communication between staff on levitra.

This ensures everything runs as smooth as the butter on a dinner roll during Thanksgiving dinner.

“The food being given away is based on the size of the family each student has,” Cardenas said,”each family could be from 1 to 4 members, 5 to 8 and sometimes 5 to 11 family members.” he said widening his eyes.

Non-perishable food has been donated throughout the year, along side monetary donations that helped them [Health Services] buy fresh produce and gift cards for those that don’t get a free turkey during the food drive.

“Depending on how many family members there are, they either receive a free turkey or a gift card to buy extra food,” Cardenas said.

In its entirety, the food drive does more than just give away food. It helps students, their families and even spark hope in those that have been wanting to help.

Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive
Thanksgiving must always be a sweet and healthy gathering Photo credit: C.J. Sanchez

For the many years that this has been happening, we hope to see more thankful giving for many years to come.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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