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Review: God save the Queen! Netflix does it again with its original series “The Crown”

Netflix comes back with another original series focusing on the power struggles of a recently crowned Queen Elizabeth II, who is brilliantly played by actor Claire Foy.

The Netflix series is directed by Peter Morgan, who has worked on numerous other projects such as the television movie “The Audience“, which also showcases Queen Elizabeth II’s weekly meetings with Britain’s Prime Minister during her reign. Morgan also wrote the 2008 movie “Frost/Nixon” which tells the story of former President Richard Nixon post Watergate scandal.

The first few episodes of the series shows the young couple of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, who is played by the iconic Matt Smith who is most notable for his role as the Eleventh Doctor on the hit BBC television show “Doctor Who.” The two marry each other and embark on a four continent tour, but cut short due to death of her father, King George VI.

Shortly there after, Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen and soon is in charge of the world’s most powerful monarchy.

Throughout the series, Queen Elizabeth II is faced with many troubles such as the dense smog that rolls into London during the year 1952, which lasted five days and killed an estimated 12,000 people. She also conflicts with other members of the Royal Family, such as her sister Princess Margaret, who is played by actor Vanessa Kirby.

The filming locations of the scenes throughout the series are somewhat breathtaking and gives the series a much appreciated backdrop for the time frame in which the series takes place in. The series was also filmed entirely in the United Kingdom as part of the experience to make each episode feel as if they were in that particular time.

The Crown
Promo poster for Netflix's newest original series "The Crown". Photo credit:

Other notable actors throughout the series include John Lithgow, who plays the stubborn Prime Minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill. Lithgow portrays the former war hero perfectly throughout the series by showcasing Churchill’s refusal to step down as Prime Minister regardless of his old age.

“The Crown” is a great series to watch if you enjoy similar British hit television shows such as “Downton Abbey” or the science fiction television show “Doctor Who.” The acting alone for this series is sure to rack up some nominations for notable awards and is highly recommended for you to add to your Netflix’s “My List” category.

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