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Moana: the tale of a voyage of self-discovery

This new animated release is the 56th movie added to the Disney franchise and it is quite entertaining with it’s deep rooted message of love and responsibility.

Moana movie poster
Theatrical release poster for Disney's newest heroine Moana. Photo credit:

Usually in disney movies that pertain a female lead, there always seems to be a love interest.

Well not here.

Moana’s character (Auli’i Cravalho) is both awkward and lovable as she strives to find herself and fulfill the purpose in what she is destined to do- without falling into a man’s arms.

Even though she has the making of a great princess, Moana is actually a chief of her village, which gives the story a unique outlook of different cultures and ethnicity values.

The movie keeps you entertained as Moana takes charge into helping her people after their island, Motunui, starts to die from bad crops and water that maintains everyone’s health and well being.

In order to help her people from dying, Moana must take a lost stone back to the island goddess Te Fiti to restore the ecosystem.

She gets accompanied by her rooster champion, Heihei and a demigod warrior named Maui (Dwayne Johnson) to help her sail across the ocean to restore the stone.

This has opened up a new range of memorable, corky characters as the audience is given a different perspective of life through Polynesian mythologies.

Other characters include Moana’s overprotective father Chief Tui (Temuera Morrison) to her wise, spiritual grandmother, Gramma Tala (Rachel House).

Viewers witness the deep relationship between granddaughter and grandmother as they have similar interests and viewpoints – yet again another Disney take audiences yet to see!

The audience also gets a look into Moana’s family and tribe as they show great respect and understanding of their land and ocean. This gives an environmental atmosphere to take care of your surroundings as it can affect your life.

The plot may be a bit predictable, but the different takes of handling these situations and life add a more unique take on how an ordinary teenager can take a challenge.

Moana is a new classic for all ages as we all get a fresh look through appreciation of the environment and duties as a person in the South Pacific.

A great addition to favorites like Mulan and Brave with strong cultural backgrounds. Moana is sure to spark the adventurer inside us all.

Catch this movie while you still can before the opportunity gets missed as the movie is worth it.

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