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Pearl Harbor: A Day of Remembrance

On the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, the American Naval base was attacked by Japanese suicide bombers near the peaceful island of Honolulu, Hawaii.

The devastating event took place for no longer than two hours yet left a burned memory into the hearts of Americans.

The casualties were over 2,000 american soldier and sailors while another 1,000 were wounded.

Pearl Harbor Attack
December 7, 1941

Along with the number of Americans, there was much damage to the equipment as well such as naval vessels, battleships and airplanes.

The next day after the attack, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared war on Japan, which entered America into World War II.

Why did the the bombing happen?

Japan was slowly evolving into a bigger nation as they occupied China.

The United States responded by attempting to stop Japan in their conquest by cutting off all trade, including what they needed most, oil.

But this did not stop Japan’s expansionism. It only fueled their rage and gave them more determination to getting even with the U.S.

However, no one would have ever suspected that the Japanese retaliation would’ve been to such a grandeur degree.

Because of the distance gap, the U.S. believed if Japan were to attack, it would be closer to their location such as the South Pacific where European colonies occupied nations like the Dutch East Indies or Singapore.

This misdirection led to the naval bases on Honolulu to be unguarded by military leaders and was an open target for Japan. Pearl Harbor was not only unoccupied, but the Pacific Fleet around Ford Island was crowded with hundreds of airplanes into airfields.

The “Sleeping Giant” Awakens

President Roosevelt’s famous speech, which deemed this day in history a day that shall live in “infamy”, brought Americans together as they listened to the confidence of their president in the wake of the attack.

“No matter how long it will take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory,” Roosevelt said.

Japan’s plan was to have America lift their economic sanctions against them, but it only awoke the U.S. into officially declaring war and after two years, joined World War II.

Where it was celebrated in remembrance

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Event
Join Harley Davidson as they give motorcycle rides to help U.S. in shelters. Photo credit: Combat Veterans Motocycle Association

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Run, was hosted by Harley Davidson, in Fullerton on Dec. 3rd at 8 a.m. It commemorated those who fought and lost their lives during the tragic attack.

The chance to ride on the back of a Harley came with purchase of a ticket. There was also a WWII speaker and a presentation from U.S. Vets.

All proceeds earned from that event will be given to veterans living in U.S. shelters.

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