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How to stay safe on campus: tips and services for FC students

On any given day of the week, Fullerton College emits a welcoming atmosphere as people bustle around campus and activities take place. During the early morning or late afternoon however, the campus is a desolate place.

Although FC has low incidents of crime on campus, people may feel uneasy navigating through the parking lots and buildings during this idle time.

Arlen Malespin, an accounting major, is taking evening classes that don’t end until 9:45 p.m. “I was on campus when the assault occurred and I was very worried because I have to walk all the way across campus to get to my car in the parking structure.”

Like other students, Malespin often walks by herself with a sense of worry. She was not aware of the different safety measures or services available to her provided by FC Campus Safety.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • Look around to see who is nearby while walking through hallways, in-between buildings or through the parking lot
  • When walking to your vehicle, be aware of suspicious people standing by your vehicle. If you see someone or feel uncomfortable, stop and call Campus Safety.

Park in Well-Lit Areas

  • Try to travel in heavy pedestrian routes, such as the main quad area in front of the library.

Stay on Pedestrian Paths

  • Stay on pedestrian paths and sidewalks when navigating around campus. Refrain from taking shortcuts through isolated areas.
  • Walk in groups whenever possible.

Carry a Personal Safety Device

  • Consider purchasing a personal safety device such as pepper spray or personal alarm which emits a loud sound to attract people’s attention.
  • The book store regularly has these items in stock for sale.
  • Learn how to properly use the safety device before an emergency occurs.

Personal Alarm.jpg
A personal alarm is a cost-effective defense option that helps bring attention to you in the event of an emergency. Photo credit: SABRE - Security Equipment Corp. website
Pepper Spray.jpg
Pepper spray is widely sold in compact, user-friendly containers. Photo credit: SABRE - Security Equipment Corp. website

If You See Something, Say Something

  • If you feel uneasy or become suspicious of something or someone, call Campus Safety at (714) 992-7080 and press 0. An officer will answer your call and open a report.

“I’ve never thought about carrying pepper spray or anything like that, but now I’m considering it,” Malespin added after hearing the list of safety tips.

In addition to practicing the safety tips, take advantage of the support services offered by Campus Safety. These services are available to everyone on campus.

Escort Service

If you feel uneasy or threatened, contact Campus Safety and request an escort service. An officer will meet you at your location and escort you to your campus destination. This service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Save the Campus Safety Phone Number

Save the Campus Safety emergency phone number (714-992-7777) as a speed dial contact in your cell phone. All calls are broadcasted over the security radio system in real time. This is vital if a situation should occur and an emergency phone is not in close proximity.

If you need to call the emergency phone number, provide your location right away. Officers will respond to your location while you provide further information of the situation.

Emergency Phones

Be knowledgeable of the emergency phone locations around campus. Campus Safety advises to become familiar with the phones closest to your classrooms at the beginning of each semester.

If an emergency should occur, approach an emergency phone and push the red button. This enables your communication to be broadcasted to every officer and the Campus Safety desk.

Be informed and prepared before an emergency occurs. To learn more about services, view maps and security reports, visit the Campus Safety webpage.

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