“We Livin'” Fullerton’s new monthly Super Smash Bros tournament

Ayrton Lauw

We Livin’ is hosted by Courtney Coffman and Alexandra Wallace, the founders of “The Balcony”, another popular Orange County local tournament series.

Organizers of We Livin’ gave a basic rundown of what the event was, how they acquired the venue at Cal State Fullerton and their personal sentiments of what Super Smash Brothers means to them.

David “Kira” Lee, a globally ranked professional, shared his opinion on the growth of the Super Smash Brothers franchise as an esport.

Finally, Oliver “Zeo” Pei, described the feeling he had when taking first place in the Melee tournament. Despite his worries, Pei was able to win three sets to two against Weston “Westballz” Dennis in the winner’s finals set, and cleanly defeat Griffin “Captain Faceroll” Williams three sets to none in the grand finals set.

For more information regarding where to find local Super Smash Brothers tournaments, please look to the community Facebook groups for the desired titles, or Reddit to find a local Smash scene.