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Review: “Logan” – Nature made me a freak

Hugh Jackman returned for his last ride as Wolverine in “Logan” on Friday, March 3 – making it Marvel’s newest addition to the X-Men film series.

Set six years after the Sentinels killed thousands of mutants in 2014’s “X-Man: Days of Futures Past”, “Logan” brings us the retired Wolverine trying to lead a normal life.

Directed by James Mangold, who returned to the story after directing “The Wolverine: 3D” in 2013.

Laura and Logan
The characters of Laura and Logan find that their relationship grows at the discovery that the two are more alike than they originally thought in the newest Marvel film “Logan”. Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

After “Deadpool” pushed the envelope by being such a successful R-rated superhero film, Mangold decided to give fans the Wolverine they craved by making “Logan” R-rated as well.

The movie begins by showing Logan taking care of the ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), while hiding near the border of Mexico when a woman asks him to drive a girl to the border of Canada.

The young girl Laura (Daphne Keen) makes her mutant debut as the one that Professor X has been waiting for.

Logan sees a lot of himself in Laura and takes the young mutant under his wing, while some serious bad guys are out to get her DNA.

Not only is “Logan” about protecting the family you didn’t know you had, but also saving a new generation of mutants.

“I actually saw the movie at a pre-screening in Hollywood, but as soon as tickets went on sale I grabbed a couple!” Mathew Stanburg said, a Fullerton College student. “I grew up loving the Wolverine character. I own all the movies and seeing Hugh Jackman evolve has been really cool. They ended this character on a high note!”

“Logan” is an action-packed movie about a man who is trying to forget his past, but in his efforts to save a little girl and care for his mentor, he is swept right back into it – while taking down the enemies who did him wrong.

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