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Hornet Softball had a St. Patrick’s Day win over Golden West College

Coming off of Wednesday’s win against Riverside, the Hornets played in yet another mercy game for their second consecutive conference win.

Fullerton Head Coach, Marian Mendoza explained the key to the Hornet’s overall success, “If you give it your all then you are good to go.” Mendoza also expressed that pitching and defense played a role in Friday’s success.

The Hornets are (4-6 overall) in conference.

At the top of the first inning, Fullerton College freshman and second basemen, Jessica Piceno caught three hits out to left field ending the top of the first with a powerful start.

Eryka Springer up to bat for the Hornets against the Golden West Rusterls Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

After a strong defense in the top of the first, the Hornets came up to bat with confidence.

Freshman first basemen Eryka Springer reached first on an error by center. Then freshman third basemen Elexa Rangel advanced to second on the throw when sophomore outfielder Mel Madrigal scored, leading the Hornets to an early lead of 1-0.

Following freshman and third basemen Anabel Mendez, reached first base after an error by the Rustlers. Mendez then advanced to second leading Springer home creating a 2-0 advantage.

Continuing the steady start, freshman outfielder Alexis Contreras hit a ground ball to right field which led to a run batted in (RBI). Which advanced Mendez home, furthering the Hornets lead 3-0.

After a quick three outs for the Rustlers in the top of the second, the Hornets came up to bat ready to further their three run advantage.

A Lady Hornet about to swing for a base hit against Golden West College. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

Piceno hit a single out to center field which led to an RBI. Freshman second basemen, Baylee Giordano then advanced to second, allowing sophomore pitcher Isabella Aguilar to put another on the board furthering their lead 4-0.

Furthering the Hornet’s edge over the Rustlers, Madrigal hit a single to center field and brought in an RBI. Piceno then advanced to second allowing Giordano home and adding another point to make the score 5-0.

Springer then singled to center field, leading to two RBIs, which advanced Rangel to second. Madrigal then scored and was closely followed by Piceno. The lead was then further set 7-0.

Mendez then hit a double out to left field leading to two RBIs, which added two more points by Springer and Rangel and furthered the advantage 9-0.

Another Lady Hornet sliding into home plate racking up the points for Fullerton College. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

At the top of the third the Rustlers still struggled and had a quick three outs.

Coach Mendoza explained that the team’s good energy and focus led to the second consecutive victory.

In the bottom of the third the Hornets did not slow down. Freshman right handed Diana Ramirez singled and advanced to second on an error, then advanced to third which led to an RBI. Freshman first baseman Natasha Trujillo then scored, followed by sophomore third basemen Adri Sousa, which furthered the score 11-0.

Continuing the momentum Hornets’ freshman pitcher Justice Sharp hit a double to left field and an RBI, Ramirez then scored. Sophomore center fielder Jill Saiza reached first due to an error, then advanced to third. Sharp then scored which furthered the score yet again 13-0.

Elexa Rangel for the Hornets getting caught between Rustler catcher and third baseman. Photo credit: Rebecca Radtke

Sophomore pitcher Aguilar pitched three innings for the Hornets after leading by 15.

In the top of the fourth the Rustlers’ freshman infielder Vanessa Camacho hit to center which was then caught leading to an out. Soon after Golden West struck out.

Going into the top of the fourth Fullerton led 15-0. Trujillo singled up the middle leading to yet another RBI for the Hornets, then led freshman outfielder Vanessa Coronado to second when Guillen scored. Ramirez then singled to center field creating another RBI. Trujillo then advanced to third. Finally Coronado scored, ending the game 17-0.

Mendoza explained how important the pitcher was in the big win,“When pitchers get ahead of the count, it makes the defense sharper.”

Catch the Lady Hornets play a double header on March 18 against Grossmont College at home at 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.

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