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Weed legalization provides opportunities in California colleges

Marijuana is now a legitimate field of study at the University of California in Davis with its new undergraduate course on the “Physiology of Cannabis.”

The course “covers the biology of cannabis and cannabinoids as well as their physiological effects in multiple systems, underlying mechanisms and therapeutic values” according to a news release by the UC Davis Health Department.

“The timing could not be better to give students the opportunity to have a profound understanding about the physiology and medical implications of cannabis use,” Luis Fernando Santana, professor and chair of physiology and membrane biology at the UC Davis School of Medicine, explained in the report.

UC Davis plans to offer more classes incorporating the plant starting next semester in the science departments at their School of Medicine.

As for Fullerton College, Horticulture Department Coordinator Jeff Feaster says they are not planning to offer any classes specifically aimed to teach students how to grow marijuana.

It is only a matter of time until FC decides to begin offering official marijuana courses in the future.

As of now, UC Davis is paving the way for marijuana to be a common area of medical study in California colleges and universities.

To learn more about these UC Davis classes concerning marijuana, visit the college’s website.

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