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Review: “Iron Fist” kicks it’s way onto Netflix

Marvel’s latest Netflix-exclusive series, “Iron Fist” premiered Friday, March 17 to less than stellar reviews.

A week prior to the show’s release on the popular online-streaming service, there was criticism towards claims that they should have cast an Asian-American actor to play the title role, rather than English actor Finn Jones.

“There’s so much outrage in the internet these days, right? C’mon, don’t get angry and start a mob when you don’t even — you haven’t even seen the show! You don’t even know what we’re doing with it. It’s unjust. It’s unfair,” Jones said, defending the show in an interview with Vulture.

Iron Fist
Fin Jones stars as Danny Rand in the newest Marvel/Netflix hybrid show “Iron Fist”. Photo credit:

The show, which has a story very similar to The CW’s Arrow, is about Danny Rand. Rand and his parents got lost in a plane crash in the Himalayan Mountains when he was a young boy. His parents died in the crash and he was mystically transported to the city of K’un-L’un.

15 years later, Rand returns from K’un-L’un to New York City, trained in martial arts and welding the ancient power of the Iron Fist.

Once home, Rand uses his power and skills to take back control and restore honor to his family’s company and fight off the evil Hand, sworn enemy of the K’un-L’un.

“Iron Fist” will segue to Marvel’s “The Defenders”, which teams up the rest of Netflix’s current superheroes: Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Aside from all of the racial controversy surrounding “Iron Fist”, it’s easy to say that this isn’t Netflix’s strongest Marvel show, but it isn’t the weakest either.

The show contains impressive fight scenes and intrigues viewers to watch how “Iron Fist” works within the fabric of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially to see what characters intertwine themselves within different series.

Rosario Dawson returns to reprise her role as nurse Claire Temple, who first appeared in the first Marvel/Netflix hybrid series “Daredevil” and has appeared in every hybrid series since.

Other MCU crossover actors are Way Ching Ho reprising her role as heroin-crime boss Gao from “Daredevil”; Carrie-Anne Moss as conflicted lawyer Jeri Hogarth from “Jessica Jones”; Tijuana Ricks as reporter Thembi Wallace from “Luke Cage”.

Iron Fist may not have the strength to carry its own as a series but hopefully he packs enough punch in “The Defenders” this summer.

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