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Recording program opens new doors for potential artists

Fullerton College offers a Recording Productions Certificate Program where students can take classes to gain the knowledge in the recording field. You will learn how electronic music is structured and how to record songs.

“Students can get all the training they need in music. I take pride in my students by giving them the knowledge that they need to understand how music is made,” said Marcus Burger.

The semester began with an upgrade to the recording studio so that students will now have state-of-the-art equipment. There are three music labs, one in Room 1125, outfitted with 25 Mac computers.

The second, located in Room 1121, is called the synthesizer lab and it is fitted with electronic keyboards. This lab teaches students how to put different electronic sounds in their music.

The third lab is the mixing room where students will learn how to mix different sounds on a recording console to create a piece that is more appealing to listeners.

The Electronic Music and Recording Production program is under the direction of Burger and taught by Dana Parker, Scott Ragotskie and John Tomlinson.

Many students have earned their certificate and have gone to become producers, songwriters, sound engineers and composers.

“Last year students had a tough time understanding how signal flow works because they only had 5 weeks to work on the analog console,” said John Tomlinson, instructor of recording studio I and II. “But this year, students will learn more about signal flow from start to finish.”

Students in the recording classes enjoy the hands on learning aspects. music student David Anthony talked about how much Burger has helped mentor him in his electronic music studies and how much that has helped him in his work as a disc jockey.

Another student, Terrence Harris said how Parker has taught him the “know how” of composing music.

Parker said,”As a former student of Fullerton, I give back only what I have learned here and I try to pass it own to my students.”


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