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The Experimental Comeback

Justin Timberlake’s long overdue musical comeback is finally here with his new studio album “The 20/20 Experience” released March 18th.

Timberlake’s six year musical break allowed him to get into acting, music producing, and collaborating with record producer Timbaland making top chartings songs with artists like 50 Cent, Madonna, T.I., and Ciara.

“Suit & Tie”, the lead comeback single off the new album featuring Jay-Z, is Timberlake’s comeback single that has had radio stations over playing the catchy song.

Timberlake’s last two albums helped establish him as a solo singer and also have helped him grow from being the N’SYNC boy band member into a sexy suave man. The new albums is inspired and reminisces back to these two albums.

“The 20/20 Experience” is an album that has a little bit of everything as it infuses different genres and themes. A consistent feature of the album are the introductions that make for most of the songs to be around the 5 to 8 minute range.

A lot of experimentation can be heard as most of the songs all represent different themes with different fusions between pop, r&b;, soul, and dance. “Let the Groove Get In” and “Blue Ocean Floor” would have to be two songs that each show an example of how experimental the album is. Latin vibes, drums, and repetition make for “Let the Groove Get In” to be that kind of song you could possibly hear at a club with beautiful women moving to it seductively while “Blue Ocean Floor” transcends into a mellow and insightful groove with its slow almost heartbeat-like rhythm to make for a song to listen to while falling asleep.

But though the suave sexy man left the boy band years ago, you can still hear the cheesy love inspired pop in his songs like “Strawberry Bubblegum”, “Spaceship Coupe” and “That Girl”. Timberlake’s effort to experiment with these pop songs can be heard in the way these songs have a little bit of Motown infused in them.

“Don’t Hold the Wall”, “Mirrors”, “Dress On”, and “Body Count” have a sound more on the R&B; side with mixed beats and soul rhythmic tones making an accurate label of the album as “neo soul”.

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